Integrated Circuits (ICs)

An integrated circuit (IC) is a small arrangement of transistors, diodes, and other electronic components created on a semiconductor material (typically silicon) and capable of performing a number of operations such as signal amplification, data storage and processing, and electrical control.

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IC (integrated circuits) which is a set of electronic components packed in a semiconductor material is the most powerful electronic component of a science or industrial project. Integrated circuits (ICs) have significantly improved the performance and functionality of electronic devices while reducing their size and cost. The ic chip are made up of multiple components that are integrated into a single chip, such as transistors, resistors, and capacitors. ICs can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks, such as logic gates, amplifiers, memory units, and microprocessors. 

They are widely used in modern electronics, ranging from smartphones and computers to automobiles and home appliances. In comparison to discrete components, integrated circuits have several advantages, including smaller size, lower power consumption, and higher reliability. There are two kinds of integrated circuits: digital ICs that operate on discrete values and analogue ICs that operate on continuous signals. ICs have transformed the electronics industry and are essential to the advancement of modern technology. We have stocked up a range of integrated circuits (ICs) - Atmel, ATmega microcontrollers, 74HC series IC, analog to digital, digital to analog converter, 555 timer ic, CD4X series, and linear series. 

Robocraze has a wide collection of ICs that can be used for final year Btech projects for ECE Engineering. These Integrated Circuit ICs can be used in basic electronic project, embedded system projects, b tech projects for ECE etc. 


Logic Gate Types:

Logic gates are essential components of digital circuits. They are electronic devices that perform logical operations on one or more binary inputs in order to generate a single binary output.

  • There are 7 types of logic gates: 
    • AND Gate
    • OR Gate
    • XOR Gate
    • NOT Gate
    • NAND Gate
    • NOR Gate
    • XNOR Gate

Basic Logic Gate Symbol:

There are seven different types of logic gates. The symbols for seven logic gates are shown below. A and B represent the input variables or signals, and the gate's output terminal represents the resulting output.


Basic Logic Gate Symbol


Integrated circuit Prices in India:


Item Name

Price Inc GST. (As of 16 November 2022)

ATTINY85 USB Development Board


Si5351A Clock Signal Generator Module


DS1307 Real Time Clock Module


L293D Motor Driver IC (2 Pcs)


7812 Voltage Regulator IC


7806 Voltage Regulator IC


HT12A Encoder


74LS86 Quad 2 Input Exclusive OR Gate


74LS161 Synch 4-Bit Counter


74LS11 Triple 3-Input AND Gate


74LS10 Triple-3-Input NAND Gate


74LS12  NAND Gate IC (Pack of 5)


74HC238N  3-8 Decode-Demux IC (Pack of 5)


4 Bit D-Latch 74LS75 IC


74139 Dual   Decoder-Demux IC


LM317 Adjustable Voltage Regulator IC


7809 Voltage Regulator (Pack of 5)


LM 350 Adjustable Voltage Regulator IC (Pack of 5)








LM 741 Op-Amp IC( Pack of 5)


555 Timer IC








DS1307 RTC IC (Real Time Clock)


Atmel 89S52


ATMEL 89C2051 IC


Condenser Microphone


HT12E Encoder IC








HT12D Decoder IC


8 Pin IC Base


7805 Voltage Regulator IC


L298N Motor Driver IC


L293D  Motor Driver IC






1. What is an integrated circuit (IC)?

  • Integrated Circuits, or ICs, are monolithic chips manufactured with a combination of gates, transistors and other electronic components to do a certain function . They come in various forms and sizes with many functionalities available. From a single function 555 timer, to the processor in your PC.

2. What are the types of Integrated Circuits?

  • Types of ICs refers to mostly their chip size and the number of gates They are
    • SSI: Small scale integration. 3 – 30 gates per chip.
    • MSI: Medium scale integration. 30 – 300 gates per chip.
    • LSI: Large scale integration. 300 – 3,000 gates per chip.
    • VLSI: Very large scale integration. More than 3,000 gates per chip.

3. How does the IC work?

  • ICs consist of very complex miniature circuits that contain anywhere from a few to billions of flip-flops, gates, resistors and transistors. Integrated circuits are a minimised combination of diodes, microprocessors, and transistors on a silicon wafer. Each of these components serves a specific purpose. When combined, these can perform calculations and multiple tasks. 

4. What are the characteristics of an IC?

  • Some of the characteristics of digital ICs are:
    • Noise immunity
    • Fan-in and fan-out capabilities
    • Power supply requirements
    • Power dissipation per gate
    • Operating temperature range
    • Suitability for IC fabrication
    • Cost
    • Speed (propagation delay).
    • Number of functions possible.

5. What are the essential components of an IC?

  • An IC contains a complex electronic circuit containing multiple resistors, diodes, transistors, capacitors, conductive pathways all made from a single piece of Silicon Crystal

6. Where can I buy an integrated circuit for my project online?

  • ICs are available in almost all online electronics shops including Robocraze. You can look up online the specific part number of the IC you require and search it on online stores.

7. Where can I buy integrated circuits at a shop near me?

  • ICs are available in many electronics shops, however the particular ICs you might need may vary in availability depending on how common it is. Most of your reputed local vendors should be able to arrange for your required part based on your requirements.

8. What are the prices of integrated circuits in India?

  • Prices of ICs vary depending on their purpose. Basic ICs can be had from anywhere from a couple of rupees to few hundred rupees, while more complex ICs like processors will be a lot more expensive.

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