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Are you looking for Witty Fox ESP32 Storm Board, with Support for Battery Charging, Wireless Programming, WiFi, Bluetooth, Dual Core Chip? Explore our online Store and Buy the Best WittyFox ESP Programmer Now!

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Witty Fox is a collection of innovative products which are used for simplifying the process of prototyping for you. There are a wide range of products like Witty Fox ESP32 Storm Boards, Witty Fox ESP Programmer, Witty Fox S17021 humidity temperature sensor, Witty Fox OPT3001 ambient light sensor, and Li-Ion Batteries. 

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Witty Fox - ESP Programmer | USB to TTL Converter


Witty Fox WF-05 Bluetooth Module


Witty Fox - ESP32 Storm Board with Support for Battery Charging & Wireless Programming


Witty Fox - ESP32 Storm Board with On-Board Li-ion Battery & Wireless Programming



1.What is witty fox esp32 storm board?

  • The WittyFox ESP32 Storm board is a simple prototyping board designed with IoT applications in mind. By default, it allows users to upload their programme wirelessly (OTA) or connect to the laptop via Witty Fox ESP Programmer. With almost all of the ESP32's usable GPIO breakouts neatly organised with power pins to aid the user in quick prototyping.

2.What is a WITTY FOX WF-05 Bluetooth Module?

  • The WittyFox WF-05 Bluetooth module is a UART-based Bluetooth module that can communicate wirelessly with devices such as smartphones, laptops, and even other microcontrollers. The module includes the Feasycom BT986 Bluetooth chip, which supports Bluetooth 5.2 as well as the most recent technologies such as Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It is pin-to-pin compatible with the existing HC-05 module, and it can be used to easily upgrade your existing projects to newer, more efficient Bluetooth technologies.

3.What is WITTY FOX ESP Programmer?

  • The WittyFox ESP Programmer is a more practical CP2102-based USB to UART converter that includes an ESP reset circuit. Because the pin connections are 1:1 and can be directly connected to the ESP circuit, it makes programming and debugging ESP series boards easier and more straightforward. It also has a micro-USB connector rather than a USB type A connector for added versatility.

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