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3D printer filament is the material used in 3D printing to create objects. It is fed through the 3D printer's extruder, where it is melted and then extruded layer by layer to build up the object. There are many different types of filament available, including plastics such as ABS and PLA

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3D printer filament is a thermoplastic feedstock used for 3D printing. There are many types of filaments available for 3D printing. These filaments have different properties for printing, and the 3D printer filaments are based on the type of filament melt at different temperatures. Ensure you don’t confuse the 3D filament size with the nozzle size. There are different types of nozzle and filament sizes that are used for 3D printing. The most common nozzle size is 0.4mm. Other nozzle sizes are 0.35mm and 0.25mm. 

3D Pen and Filament: 

The filament used for 3D pens is called 3D pen filament. Most 3D pen filaments consist of 1.75mm of plyacrylic acid (PLA) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). The other materials used for 3D pen filaments are poly lactic acid and ployvinyl alcohol.  

At Robocraze, 3D printer filament price ranges from very affordable and cheap 3D filament at just rupees 120 to premium 3D printer filament at 1000 rupees. We offer a range of 3D filaments like ABS, PLA, PVA,PETT,HIPS, Nylon and wood. You can also check our reviews under each product by our previous customers before placing an order. 

The best thing about the 3D filaments is that, different types of 3D filaments in India can be used for both 3D pens and 3D printers, and the 3D printer filament price remains the same for both. Here is a jist of 3D filament India types and their respective prices. 

3D Printer Filament Prices in India

Sr. No.Type Of 3D filament SpecificationPrice

1.75mm Peacock Blue ABS Filament 

21.75mm Yellow ABS Filament 1KgRs.890
31.75mm Translucent yellow PLA filament 1KgRs.969
41.75mm translucent purple filament 1KgRs.969
51.75mm translucent blue PLA filament 1KgRs.969
61.75mm sky blue PLA filament 1KgRs.969
71.75mm red ABS filament1KgRs.890
81.75mm purple ABS filament 1KgRs.890
91.75mm pink PLA filament1KgRs.969
101.75mm pink ABS filament 1KgRs.890
111.75mm peak green ABS filament 1KgRs.890

What material is 3D filament?

3D filaments are made of different materials a few being; ABS ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) , PLA( Polylactic acid), PVA( PolyVinyl Alcohol), PETT, HIPS (High impact Polystyrene). 

What are 3D filaments used for?

3D filaments are used in 3D pens and 3D printers to make three-dimensional structures. Here are a few uses and special properties of different 3D printers used. 

Filament Type Special Properties Uses 
PLA1. Easy to print
2. Biodegradable 
Consumer products 
ABS1. Durable 
2. Impact-resistant 
Used for functional parts
PVA1. Strong
2. Flexible
3. Durable 
4. Biodegradable 
5. Oil resistant
Used in support structures. 
PETT/T-Glass 1. Strong 
2. Flexible 
3. Transparent 
4. Clear 
Functional parts 
HIPS1. Dissolvable 
2. Biodegradable 
Support structures. 

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