A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that generates an electrical signal with a very accurate frequency by using the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material. The size and form of the crystal dictate the frequency of the output signal.

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In order to provide a reliable clock signal and in particular situations where a high-frequency reference is needed, crystal oscillators are primarily employed in digital integrated circuits. The ability of an oscillator to sustain a steady output frequency under a variety of load situations is one of its most crucial characteristics.

A piezoelectric crystal is used as a frequency-selective element in a crystal oscillator, which is an electronic oscillator circuit. The oscillator frequency is frequently used to regulate frequencies for radio transmitters and receivers, to give a consistent clock signal for digital integrated circuits, and to maintain track of time, as in quartz wristwatches. Oscillator circuits using quartz crystals are known as crystal oscillators because they are the most prevalent type of piezoelectric resonator used. However, polycrystalline ceramics and other piezoelectric materials are also utilized in comparable circuits.


Variations in temperature, changes in the load, and adjustments to an oscillator's DC power supply voltage are just a few of the elements that might affect an oscillator's frequency stability.


The right selection of the parts used for the resonant feedback circuit, including the amplifier, can considerably increase the output signal's frequency stability. However, the stability that can be obtained from typical LC and RC tank circuits has a limit.

A Quartz Crystal oscillator is typically utilized as the frequency determining device to create another form of oscillator circuit known as a Quartz Crystal Oscillator in order to achieve an extremely high level of oscillator stability (XO)


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Applications of Oscillator:


Oscillators are a common element in almost all electronic circuits. 

  • They are used in various applications and their use allows circuits and subsystems to perform many useful functions. 
  • Oscillators are commonly used in communication circuits. All communication circuits for different modulation techniques - AM, FM, PM - the use of an oscillator is essential. 
  • Oscillators are used as a stable frequency source in many electronic applications. 
  • Oscillators are used in computer peripherals, counters, timers, calculators, phase-locked loops, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, and many other applications.

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1. What is the use of crystal oscillator?

In order to provide a reliable clock signal and in particular situations where a high-frequency reference is needed, crystal oscillators are primarily employed in digital integrated circuits.


2. What are the types of crystal oscillators?

There are two different kinds of oscillator circuits: 

linear oscillators and nonlinear oscillators. The sinusoidal input is provided by the linear oscillators. A mass m and its force in the linear equilibrium make up the linear oscillators.


3. What is advantage of crystal oscillator?

The crystal oscillators are extremely stable at high frequencies. The crystal oscillator makes it feasible to produce oscillators with extremely high accuracy and stability. It operates with a high frequency. As a result of changes in temperature and other factors, there is relatively little frequency drift.


4. What is the 3 pin crystal oscillator? 

A 3 pin crystal oscillator contains 3 pins - Power, ground and input. Generally, For connecting to an external quartz crystal circuit, a typical RC oscillator network, or even a ceramic resonator, the majority of microprocessors, microcontrollers, and PICs feature two oscillator pins labelled OSC1 and OSC2.


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