Push Buttons

Push buttons are electrical switches that are actuated by pressing them. It is frequently used to begin an action or to control a device, such as a doorbell or a computer mouse.

Push Button Switch


A pushbutton switch is a mechanical device used by an operator to manually press a button to control an electrical circuit that operates an internal switching mechanism. Pushbutton switches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations depending on the application. Easy to install, the screw terminals eliminate welding problems, simply connect the switch to your circuit. Used in electrical applications such as lighting and accessories, most DC electrical projects.


Types of Push Button Switches


Push buttons are of 2 Types: 

  1. Momentary Push Button Switch: A Momentary Push Button Switch allows the electricity flow between its two contacts while the button is pressed. It requires continuous compression on the button to keep the device at “ON” state.
  2. Non-Momentary Push Button Switch: A Non-Momentary Push Button Switch is a Normally Open (NO) Switch. It Turns “ON” temporarily only while the switch is Pressed. eg. Doorbell.

Applications of Push Button Switches:

Push Button Switches are widely used for circuits control in electromagnetic starter, contactor, relays, DIY projects and other electric circuits.

Some common uses of push button switches are:

  • Door Bells
  • Coffee machines
  • Refrigerators
  • Computer

Push Button Prices in India:


Item Name

Price Inc. GST (As of Sep. 2022)

Tactile 4 Pin Push Button Switch - Pack of 5 (12x12x7.3 mm)36
4-Pins DIP Momentary Square Tactile Push Button Switch 10 Pieces - 6x6x5mm15
4-Pins DIP Momentary Square Tactile Push Button Switch 10 Pieces - 6x6x8mm20
4-Pins DIP Momentary Square Tactile Push Button Switch 10 Pieces - 12x12x12mm25
Red PBS-11B 2PIN 12mm No Lock Push Button Momentary Switch 3A 250V15
4-pin Long PushButton Switch (Pack of 5)12
Tactile Push Button Switch Assorted Kit - 25 Pieces pack145
2 Pin Button Switch (Pack of 10)19
SE955 Mushroom Emergency Stop Push Button Switch89



1. What is a push button used for?

  • A push buttons are broadly utilized in circuit manage in electromagnetic starters, relays and different circuits. Also appropriate for circuit manage in coffee machines, refrigerators. They are Easy to install, screw terminal gets rid of welding troubles, you may effortlessly join the transfer for your circuit. Used in electric packages like lighting fixtures and accessories, maximum DC electric projects. 

2. What is a push button switch called? 

  • Push button switch is also known as a Normally Open (NO) Switch and push to break switch. Their contact gets closed when then push button is pressed.

3. What is push button in Arduino? 

  • Push button Arduino are push button switches which are easily compatible with Arduino Uno boards. These switches usually have operating voltage from 5V to 12V DC. These switches can be used for small devices and DIY projects.

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