Toggle Switches

A toggle switch is a type of electrical switch that is operated by "toggling" a lever back and forth. It is frequently used to turn a gadget on or off or to switch between modes of operation.

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Toggle Switch 

A toggle switch is a type of electrical switch that is turned on or off by moving a lever back and forth. Toggle switches are great for changing the state of system features and settings. A toggle is used as an alternative to two radio buttons or his one checkbox to allow the user to choose between her two conflicting states. There are two types of toggle switches: holding contacts and momentary toggle switches.



1. What devices use a toggle switch?

  • Devices that need two types of dissimilar outputs uses a toggle switch. It is mostly uses in vehicles, boats, additional electric equipment such as lights, chassis lamp, fog lamps etc.

2. How does a on off on toggle switch work?

  • Toggle Switch usually have 3-Ways or 2-Ways of Switching Operation. On-OFF or ON-OFF-ON. To turn a toggle switch off, just push the lever at OFF Position and it will get off.