Fasteners & Screws

A 3D printer fastener is a small component used to securely join two or more parts together in a 3D printed object.

A 3D printer screw is a component used to move and position the print head. This is made of stainless steel.

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3D Printer Fasteners & Screws Price In India

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4 Start T Type Copper Nut - 2mm Pitch

Rs. 105



1. Can screws be 3D printed?

  • Yes, Screws can be printed. Although the durability and smoothness may differ from the generally used metal screws.

2. Are 3D printed screws strong?

  • 3D printer Screws are weaker compared to metal screws. 3D printer screws are light weight which make them applicable in light weight toys and devices.

3. Can you 3D print metal screws?

  • No, Since 3D printer filament is made up of ABS or PLA it cannot be used to make metal screws.


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