Single Strand Wires

Single strand wires are electrical cables which usually composed of copper or another conductive substance. They are used in communication systems, electronics, and wiring.

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Single Strand Wire

Single-strand wire consists of a length of metal wire, usually wrapped in a protective sheath. A single core wire is a single core wire with an insulator. It is available in small diameters. Single stand wire is easy to make such a cable and can be used where flexibility is not important eg. Panel wiring, breadboards, etc.


Single-strand wires are essential components in a variety of electrical and electronic systems. From safety switches to burglar alarms, they provide the electrical current required for operation. Robocraze offers high quality single strand wire that meets all specifications. Our product provides superior insulation with excellent flexibility which ensures it can be used safely over long distances whether installed outdoors or indoors without any material damage. The robust construction protects against corrosion and enhances durability while enabling faster response time so you get reliable performance every time you use our products! The single strands measure 10 AWG (American Wire Gauge) allowing higher power handling capability than many other brands on the market today due to their thicker gauge profile as well an insulated core providing protection from short circuits, moisture, dust etc when needed most! We also offer customization options according to customer requirements making us one of best suppliers around for your wiring needs – both residential and commercial applications benefit greatly from using our top grade materials ensuring maximum efficiency at minimal cost!


Single Strand Wire Price at Robocraze

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Single Stranded Hook Up Wires (1.5m each, 5 colors)


Ribbon Cable-10 Wire 1 Meter


Single Stranded Hook Up Wires (1.5m each, 5 colors)


Applications of Single Strand Wire:


Single strand wire uses can be observed mostly in DIY prototyping in Electronic projects.

Some common applications of Single core wire are:

Single strand wire for breadboard.

Used in panel wiring


1. When should single stranded wire be used?

  • A single strand wire is mostly used where flexibility is not important factor. It is usually used in Breadboards and panel wiring. Single strands are best  for low-movement products. This style of wiring is often only used in smaller diameter wiring applications because it is difficult to work with and it is difficult to use thick solid wire.

2. What is difference between Single strand and Multi strand wire?

  • Difference Between Single strand and Multi strand wire:
Single Strand WireMulti Strand Wire
Easy to splitHard to break
Can be used where where flexibility and strength is not requiredCan be used where rigidity and strength is required
More ResistantLess Resistance
Low-CostComparatively High cost than Single core wires
Good for DIY ProjectsNot Suitable for Small DIY Projects
Used in breadboards, connecting small LEDs etc.Used in Electrical Appliances

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