A preset potentiometer is an adjustable resistor that is used to regulate or alter the resistance of a circuit. It is modified using a little screwdriver or other instrument. These can be used to calibrate or alter the sensitivity of sensors or other circuit components.

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Preset Potentiometer

A preset potentiometer is a small three-terminal "set and forget" potentiometer that can be calibrated for  temporary adjustments in a circuit. Cermet Preset is a compact variable resistor that can be mounted on a board with 3  pins. Rotating the preset changes the voltage across the terminals.

A Preset Potentiometer can be of 100 Ohm, 1K Ohm, 10K Ohm, 100K Ohm and even more than that.

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Price in INR

10K Preset Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)


100 Ohm Preset Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)

100K Preset Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)19/-
1K Preset Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)19/-
500E Cermet(Pack of 5)16/-
2K Cermet(Pack of 5)17/-
5K Cermet(Pack of 5)18/-
20K Cermet(Pack of 5)18/-
50K Cermet(Pack of 5)19/-
200K Cermet(Pack of 5)20/-
500K Cermet(Pack of 5)19/-
1M Cermet(Pack of 5)18/-


1. What is difference between preset and potentiometer?

  • A potentiometer is commonly referred to as an adjustable voltage divider that is always accessible (such as a volume control) and can change the value of the voltage divider  at any time. A preset is a small adjustable voltage divider that can be adjusted with a screwdriver or special tool for tuning or presetting purposes. Used to set  fixed values ​​such as reference voltage, current, and resistance.

2. What is preset price?

  • The price of Preset Potentiometer on Robocraze ranges from 15/- to 20/- INR.

3. What is 10k preset?

  • Potentiometer values ​​are often marked with an easy-to-read string that indicates the total resistance such as 1000k for a 1000kΩ potentiometer. So a 10k preset means a preset potentiometer with a 10k ohm resistor.

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