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How to wire a 5V relay?

Relays switch turn on and off based on a controlling signal from given to the control pin of the relay. 

With a microcontroller or a sensor, the digital control pin of the relay must be connected to a 5V capable output pin of a microcontroller or any controlling device like a sensor


How to use a 5V relay?

Giving 5V at the Relay control pin will close the circuit between N/O and COM, thereby switching on anything connected between the N/O and COM. At the same time, it will open the circuit between N/C and COM, thereby cutting off the circuit connected via the N/C port. Giving 0V or GND to the relay pin will do the vice versa


How to test a 5V relay?

If the relay switches at its designed actuation voltage, then the could be inferred to be working. You can easily make sure of this, by hooking up a multimeter at the relay terminals and observing the voltage before and after the switching action

How to trigger a 5V relay?

A 5V relay is triggered using a 5V signal given to its control pin. Any voltage below 5V would switch off the relay and anything more than 5V can potentially damage the relay

How much current does a 5V relay draw?

A nominal current consumption of a 5V relay is typically around 70mA, although it will vary between models. Please the check the relay specific datasheet to know the exact value

What is the use of a relay module?

Relay is an electrically controlled electronic on electro mechanic switch. Adding a relay will give the device the ability to control switching actions based on different intrinsic parameters

Where can I find a 5V relay online?

5V relays can be obtained from almost all online stores including Robocraze.


Where can I find a 5V relay nearby at a physical store?

5V relays are available in most electronic stores.