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5V relay which can be activated by a low-voltage control signal, This is an electrical switch with a coil, many contacts, and a spring-loaded armature, The purpose of this is to turn electrical circuits on and off

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5V Relay Module


They can be operated by the Arduino Uno using the software provided with it. These switches are used in many applications, such as home automation and robotics. The relay module is an electrical switch that can be used with Arduino Uno. It can be used to add additional functionality to your project, and it doesn't require any soldering.

It has a single relay contact, which makes it easy to use. The relay module has a built-in resistor and the resistance can be adjusted.


You can easily buy 5V DC relay from Robocraze Website. We sell the best relay modules available. These 5V SPDT Relay are extremely easy to use, and they don't require any complicated wiring. 


Uses of 5V Relay Module:

Relay modules with  single channel boards are used to manage high voltage and high current loads such as solenoid valves, motors, AC loads and lamps. This module is primarily designed to interface with various microcontrollers such as PIC, Arduino, etc. We use relays extensively in automobiles, test and measurement equipment, power supplies, home automation systems, and  more.


Relay Module Diagram:


5V Relay Price In India:

Item NamePrice
5V Relay Cube17
5V 1 Channel made in INDIA - GL Make36
5V 30A 1-Channel Relay Module181
Waveshare Modbus RTU 8-channel Relay Module RS4852599
DC 6V To 30V One Way Relay Module279
NE555 Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module77
SLA 5V DC 4Pin 30A Power Relay49
NE555 5V Delay Timer67
5V 16 Channel Relay Module625
8 Channel 5V Relay Board247
4-Channel 5V Relay Board130
2-Ch 5V relay Board69
1CH 5v Optocoupler Relay Board62
1 CH 5V Relay Board49



1. How to wire a 5V relay?

Relays switch turn on and off based on a controlling signal from given to the control pin of the relay. 

With a microcontroller or a sensor, the digital control pin of the relay must be connected to a 5V capable output pin of a microcontroller or any controlling device like a sensor


2. How to use a 5V relay?

Giving 5V at the Relay control pin will close the circuit between N/O and COM, thereby switching on anything connected between the N/O and COM. At the same time, it will open the circuit between N/C and COM, thereby cutting off the circuit connected via the N/C port. Giving 0V or GND to the relay pin will do the vice versa


3. How to test a 5V relay?

If the relay switches at its designed actuation voltage, then the could be inferred to be working. You can easily make sure of this, by hooking up a multimeter at the relay terminals and observing the voltage before and after the switching action

4. How to trigger a 5V relay?

A 5V relay is triggered using a 5V signal given to its control pin. Any voltage below 5V would switch off the relay and anything more than 5V can potentially damage the relay

5. How much current does a 5V relay draw?

A nominal current consumption of a 5V relay is typically around 70mA, although it will vary between models. Please the check the relay specific datasheet to know the exact value

6. What is the use of a relay module?

Relay is an electrically controlled electronic on electro mechanic switch. Adding a relay will give the device the ability to control switching actions based on different intrinsic parameters

7. Where can I find a 5V relay online?

5V relays can be obtained from almost all online stores including Robocraze. The 5V relay module price on Robocraze is comparatively less among similar websites.


8. Where can I find a 5V relay nearby at a physical store?

5V relays are available in most electronic stores. One can easily buy Relay from Robocraze by choosing the store pick-up option.


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