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Buy Switches and Keypads for Robotics, DIY Projects Online in India

Need electrical switches and keypads designed not just for science and robotics project, but also for industrial and domestic applications.


Switches and Keypads Prices in India

DPDT SwitchRs. 45
DPDT Switch boxRs. 40
1 x 4 Membrane KeypadRs. 190

What are the different types of switches in robotics?

There are many different kinds of switches based on the application it is used for. Some of the main types of mechanical switches are

  • Push Button
  • Toggle Switch (SPST,DPST,DPDT)
  • Limit Switch
  • Flow/Pressure/Temperature Switches

Electronic switches include all sorts of bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, etc.


What is a toggle switch?

A toggle switch is a manually actuated switch which is usually actuated by hand. After switching it remains in the same state until the next actuation. It is usually used in applications where a device or sensor needs to be turned on. These switches comes in various sizes, shapes and design to suite the needs of most applications


How does a toggle switch function?

Toggle switch works by cutting off the circuit when the switch is in its OFF state. When the switch is actuated upon by the uer, the switch re-establishes the connection and continuity in the circuits and thus allows the current to flow


Where can I buy switches for a project online?

Switches can be obtained from many online stores including Robocraze. Just make sure your switch is suitably rated and suit’s your needs.


Where can I buy a robotics project switch at a shop near me?

Switches are available in many electronics shops. Specific kinds of switch may vary in availability, but simple switches like toggle, push button are available in most places


What is the cost of switches for a project in India?

Switches vary in cost depending on their rating, quality and size. Some switches like temperature switches are more expensive due to the extra components involved. But most commonly used switches are devices that can be had for fairly a cheap price.


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