A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts electric current primarily in one direction. It is made of semiconductor material, such as silicon, and has a positive terminal (the anode) and a negative terminal (the cathode). 

Buy Laser diode Online in India

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How  Laser diode Works?

Laser diodes broadly work in the same way as regular light emitting diodes or LEDs. The laser itself is produced based on a phenomenon called stimulated emission. Stimulated emission is caused when a photon from an external light source strikes an electron from the conduction band. This causes the electron to be unstable and the electron falls back into the valence band by emitting a photon of a certain wavelength, thereby causing a chain reaction. When this gets repeated millions of times, a coherent wavelength of light is produced which we call it as laser


Laser diode Prices in India 

650nm 6mm 5V DC Mini Laser Dot Diode ModuleRs. 59
1N4007 Diode - (Pack of 10)49
1N4148 Diode - (Pack of 10)49
Bridge Rectifier (Pack of 5)52
1N5819 Diode (Pack of 5)11
1N5408 Diode - (Pack of 10)32


What is a laser diode used for?

Laser diode is used in many applications such as barcode readers, laser pointers, CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc reading/recording, laser printing, laser scanning

How long do laser diodes last?

A laser diode typically lasts for 25,000 to 50,000 hours. However the life expectancy of the device can be reduced significantly if the module itself is overheated during the operation.


Where can I buy laser diodes online?

Laser diodes are available online in online electronics stores like Robocraze


Where can I buy laser diodes at a shop near me?

Laser diodes may be available in some local electronics shops. However it is better to enquire about the specific model number you’d want before visiting the store

How to choose the best laser diodes, online?

You can choose the type of laser diode based on the reviews and cross checking your requirements and operating conditions. Since laser diodes are generally very reliable, it is uncommon to go wrong with any model.


What are the types of laser diodes?

There are few types of Laser Diodes

Double Heterostructure Laser Diode

In this type of laser diode, an additional confinement layer of a different material is sandwiched between the two p-type and n-type materials. The advantage of this DH laser diode is that the active region is confined to a thin layer which gives better optical amplification.

Quantum Well Laser Diode

The quantum well laser diode has a very thin middle layer, which acts as a quantum well. The electrons will be able to use quantum energy levels when transitioning from higher energy level to lower energy level. This gives a better efficiency for this type of laser diode.

Separate Confinement Heterostructure Laser Diode

The thin middle layer in the quantum well laser diode is very small for confining emitted light effectively. To compensate this, in the separate confinement heterostructure laser diode, another two layers are added over the three initial layers.

Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Diode (VCSEL)

All the previously discussed laser diodes, the optical cavity is placed perpendicular to the current flow. In vertical cavity surface emitting laser diodes, however, the optical cavity is along the axis of current flow.

What are the prices of a laser diode in India?

Laser modules can be bought from online stores such as Roboraze.


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