A DPDT switch is a type of electronic switch with two poles and two throws. It's also known as a double-pole, double-throw switch. This is typically used to control two circuits or devices using a single switch.

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Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Switches

DPDT Switch The Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) switch consists of 6 ports, 2 of which are independent input ports. Using this design, the DPDT switch can carry two independent signals.

A DPDT switch is effectively equivalent to two SPDT switches operating in two directions. A DPDT switch consists of two SPDT circuits inside the switch body that are operated together by a common lever mechanism inside the switch body. Mechanical DPDT switches typically have six terminals. 2 C (common), 2 NO (normally open), 2 NO (normally closed). DPDT has an advantage over SPDT because different devices can be turned on and off at the same time. The SPDT system can hold and power only one device at a time. 


DPDT Switch Price in India:

Item NamePrice Inc. GST (As of 15th November)
DPDT Switch27
DPDT Switch box29
6 Pin Toggle Switch99
6 Pin Toggle Switch (3A 250V)19



1. What is the function of DPDT?

  • A DPDT switch or double throw is a two-input four-output type switch. A combination of two SPDT switches. Here, each input has two corresponding outputs. However, both inputs are isolated from each other. Similarly, both output pairs are  isolated from each other. A DPDT switch can operate in four circuits via four different contact positions. It works in two routing modes. Therefore, the functionality o DPDT switches is not  limited to switching or ON/OFF functions, it has a routing function as well.

2. What is a DPDT switch used for?

  • DPDT switches are used in complex electronic circuits, pilot circuits, controls, etc. A DPDT switch can be used to control and wire the two bulbs, and a DPDT switch can be used to control the direction of rotation of the motor. DPDT Relay switches can be used on low or high voltage circuits and are ideal for switching lights and motors.

3. What is difference between SPDT and DPDT switch?

  • Difference between SPDT and DPDT switch:



SPDT switch has two positions (ON-ON)DPDT can have the two (ON-ON) to three (ON-OFF-ON) positions
SPDT has three terminalsDPDT has six terminals
SPDT switch have one circuit mechanismDPDT switches has two circuit mechanism
SPDT Switches can only accommodate and power one appliance at a timeDPDT can turn on and turn off different appliances at the same time
Low-costComparatively Higher cost than SPDT

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