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Electronic devices that analyse, transmit and amplify sound signals are known as audio components. Microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and audio processors are examples of audio components.


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Devices that are used to interpret or detect sound, will all fall under the category of audio components. In more specific terms, devices used to convert analog sound into digital electrical signals and devices that convert digital electrical signals to analog sounds. Speakers, buzzers and microphones fall under the audio components category.

Audio Boards/Modules Prices in India

5v DC Mini Class D Pam8403 USB Power Amplifier Board

Rs. 149

PAM8403 Digital Power AmplifierRs. 41
ISD1820 Sound Voice Board Recording ModuleRs. 147

Where can I buy audio components for a project online?

You can get audio components at online electronics shops like Robocraze, Amazon, etc. Higher end audio equipment can be found from particular brands like Bose, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, etc.

Where can I buy audio components at a shop near me?

Audio components for hobbyists purposes can be obtained from a few electronics shops. Just make sure you call up the store and verify if the audio components you require are available

How to choose the best audio components online?

You can look up reviews and performance of the components by cross checking the model number with other websites. This will ensure that you will receive the product that you are exactly looking for

What is the price of an audio component for a project, in India?

Prices of audio components can vary a huge amount depending on the manufacturer, quality, lifespan, size etc. Higher quality audio components require electrical isolation circuits to minimize interference hence increasing the costs. Speakers in general can vary in costs depending on the number of drivers used to accurately produce sounds at all audible frequencies of a human ear. (20 Hz to 20,000 Hz)


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