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A DC motor is an electric motor that runs on direct current (DC), it has ability to operate at a wide range of speeds and high starting torque

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A DC motor, also known as a Direct Current motor, is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy by creating a magnetic field powered by direct current. When a DC motor is turned on, a magnetic field is created in the stator. The magnetic field attracts and repels magnets on the rotor, causing it to rotate. The commutator, which is attached to brushes connected to the power source, supplies current to the motor's wire windings to keep the rotor rotating continuously. One of the advantages of DC motors over other types of motors is their ability to precisely control their speed, which is essential for industrial machinery. DC motors can start, stop, and reverse instantly, which is critical for controlling the operation of manufacturing equipment.


Working Principle of DC Motor

When the field coil of the DC motor is energized, a magnetic field forms in the air gap. The magnetic field generated is directed in the direction of the armature's radii. The magnetic field enters the armature from the field coil's North pole and "exits" the armature from the field coil's South pole. The conductors on the opposite pole are subjected to the same force but in the opposite direction. The torque produced by these two opposing forces causes the motor armature to rotate.


 A DC motor is one of the most commonly used components in robotics. So it is crucial to have a good quality DC Motor and a few things like switches, batteries, wires, glue guns and propellers for your projects.

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Types of DC Motors

9 major types of DC motors are

  • Self-Excited 
  • Separately Excited 
  • Permanent Magnet 
  • Shunt Wound
  • Series Wound 
  • Compound Wound 
  • Differential Compound 
  • Long shunt 
  • Short shunt

DC Motors Prices in India

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1.What is DC motor and how it works?

A direct current motor (DC motor) is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The input electrical energy in a DC motor is direct current, which is converted into mechanical rotation.


2.What are the 3 types of DC Motors?

Permanent Magnet DC Motors: The permanent magnet motor uses a permanent magnet to create field flux. This type of DC motor provides great starting torque and has good speed regulation

Series DC Motors: Series DC motors create a large amount of starting torque, but cannot regulate speed and can even be damaged by running with no load.

Shunt DC Motors: In shunt DC motors the field is connected in parallel (shunt) with the armature windings. These motors offer great speed regulation due to the fact that the shunt field can be excited separately from the armature windings


3.How does a DC motor work?

DC Motor contains a permanent magnet and a current coil placed in between. When the current flows through the coil, a magnetic force is generated by the current carrying conductor thereby inducing a rotational force due to the magnetic interaction between the permanent and the conductor.


4.What is difference between AC and DC motor?

DC Motor

AC Motor

A DC (direct current) motor is a type of rotatory electric motor that converts direct current (DC energy) into mechanical energy.An AC (alternating current) motor is an electric motor that is powered by an alternating current (AC).
DC motors are classified into two types: those with brushed DC Motors and brushless DC MotorsAC motors are classified into two types: synchronous AC motors and induction motors.
DC motors are always self-starting in nature.A three-phase AC motor is self-starting, whereas a single-phase AC motor requires a starting mechanism.
The armature rotates in DC motors while the magnetic field remains stationary.In AC motors, the armature remains stationary while the magnetic field rotates.
The armature winding current of a DC motor can be changed to control the speed.The frequency of an AC motor can be changed to change its speed.
DC motors respond quickly to changes in load.AC motors respond slowly to changes in load.
The DC motor's efficiency is high because there is no slip or induction current loss.The induction current loss and motor slip reduce the efficiency of the AC motor.

5.Which is better - a DC motor or an AC motor?

In an AC motor, energy comes from magnetic fields generated through coils wrapped around the output shaft. AC motors consist of several parts, including a stator and rotor. AC motors are efficient, durable, quiet and flexible, making them a viable solution for many power generation needs.

The energy used by a DC motor comes from batteries or another generated power source that offers constant voltage. DC motors are made up of several parts, the most notable of which include bearings, shafts and a gearbox or gears. DC motors offer better speed variation and control and produce more torque than AC motors.

AC motors are preferred for applications where AC electrical signal is obtainable

6.Where is a DC motor used, as opposed to an AC motor?

DC motors are used in a wide range of applications, including electric wheelchairs, handheld sprayers and pumps, coffee machines, off-road equipment and many more.


7.How to identify a DC motor?

DC motors are compact in size and will only have two terminals +ve and -ve, while AC motors will have three terminals R, Y and B

8.What are the advantages of a DC motor?

DC motors are compact in size, easy to operate and are very cheap compared to all the other types of motors

9.How to connect 4 DC motors?

DC motors can be directly connected to a +ve and -ve terminal in parallel provided the source can supply enough voltage and current to run the motors. To overcome this limitation, motor drivers are typically used to drive motors, to ensure ample supply of current and prevent damage

10.How to replace an AC motor with a DC motor?

A DC motor will need a DC current source instead of an AC, so full wave bridge rectifier would have to be added between the AC source and DC motor to run the DC motor