1. January 08, 2021

    Image processing and OpenCV

    An image is an ancient rarity that portrays visual recognition. It's always been intriguing to think of how light falls on an object, and an image is formed in our eyes. It sounds easy, but it has a whole different story behind it when implemented on machines and the world of information and technology. One such story is Image Processing. Here we will explain all about the basic operation of Image Processing and it's applications.

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  2. September 22, 2020

    How to Install Raspberry Pi Case with Fan

    When you are using your Rasoberry Pi board for heavy duty operations, it is natural that the temperature of the board increases. This increase in temperature effects the performance of the Raspberry Pi. Hence it is important to integrate the Raspberry Pi board with a good quality cooling system. Here we will explain you how to install your Raspberry Pi case with fan in 6 easy steps. You will also understand the advantages of using a case with fan for your Raspberry Pi board.

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  3. June 25, 2020

    Best Face Masks for Protection during COVID-19 | All You Need to Know Before Buying a Face Mask

    As the importance of face masks is increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for such masks is also increasing. There is a necessity and a need to wear face masks since they are the first layer of protection against the COVID 19. Face Masks like Surgical Masks, W95 Respiratory Masks, N95 Respirators, cloth masks are highly used during this pandemic. It is important to understand the difference between genuine face masks and duplicate ones. Health Experts recommend people to use certified surgical and respiratory masks.

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  4. May 13, 2020

    DIY Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

    The COVID-19 cases acroos the country and the globe are increasing at an astounding rate. The only way to control the spread is by washing hands with soap and water regulary or santizing our hands with alcohol based sanitizers. In such times, it is essential to bring chages into our lifestyle by using automatic santizer dispenser at households and public spaces. Using such dispensers help in implementing contactless system that cancels the spread of infections. In this blog, you can find a detailed explainantion on the components used in a DIY automatic santizer dispenser kit, connections and contruction. 

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  5. March 13, 2020

    Home Automation Using Arduino and Bluetooth

    Learn how to make a simple DIY switch based automation system. This is a pretty cost effective way for you to automate your house and is easily scalable to anything from lights and fans, to coffee machines and water heater.

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  6. March 11, 2020

    Ambient Light Intensity Monitoring System with LORA and ESP32

    In this tutorial, we will be making an ambient light intensity monitoring system. This project will help the user monitor and control the brightness of light in a particular environment.

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  7. March 06, 2020

    Logging Your Heart Beat To Cloud With Raspberry Pi & Arduino

    Learn how to stream heart rate obtained from the Arduino and the Pulse Sensor module, over the internet, using a Raspberry Pi.

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  8. March 01, 2020

    Raspberry Pi - Tips & Tricks

    You've been using R-Pi since years, but how many of these tips, tricks, hacks and features do you know? 6 things to know now!
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  9. February 02, 2020

    Measuring your Heart Beat with Arduino

    Make a DIY Heart rate monitor using a Pulse Sensor and Arduino, which detects heartbeats in beats per minute (BPM).

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  10. January 30, 2020

    NFC Based Security Door Lock

    Interface an NFC module with a solenoid lock to create a secure door lock locking system. Unlock a door with an NFC compatible smartphone.
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