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  • LM358-Robocraze
  • LM358-Robocraze


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  • Two internally compensated op amps
  • Eliminates the need for dual supplies
  • Allows direct sensing near GND and VOUT also goes to GND
  • Compatible with all forms of logic
  • Power drain suitable for battery operation


LM358 is a low-power dual-operational amplifier integrated circuit. It can support an operating voltage of +3 to +32 volts or ±1.5 to ±16 volts and input voltage can range from −0.3 to +32 volts with a single power supply. LM358B and LM2904B devices are the next-generation versions of LM358 and LM2904 operational amplifiers which include two high-voltage (36 V) op-amps.

The LM358 and LM2904 are available in a chip-sized package (8-bump DSBGA) using TI's DSBGA package technology. Utilizing the circuit designs perfected for Quad Operational Amplifiers, these dual operational amplifiers feature low power drain, a common mode input voltage range extending to ground/VEE, and single supply or split supply operation.

The LM358 series is compatible with industry-standard operational amplifiers, making it a popular choice in cost-sensitive applications. It consists of two independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers which were designed specifically to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. LM358 IC can also be used for testing an LDR, a phototransistor, and a photodiode.


Pinout Of LM358


  • Transducer amplifiers
  • Conventional op-amp circuits
  • general signal amplification
  • Low-power AC applications

Package Includes:

  • 1 x LM358 IC


Input Differential Voltage Range ±32VDC
Input Common Mode Voltage Range −0.3 to 32 V
Output Short Circuit Duration Continuous
Junction Temperature 150 °C
Storage Temperature Range −65 to +150 °C
Operating Ambient Temperature Range 0 to +70 °C

1.What is LM358 used for?

  • The LM358 can be used as a transducer amplifier, a DC gain block, and so on. It has a 100dB dc voltage gain. This IC can operate on a wide range of power supplies, from 3V to 32V for a single supply or from 1.5V to 16V for a dual supply, and it also supports a large output voltage swing.

2.Is LM358 an op-amp?

  • The LM358 integrated circuit is a dual operational amplifier integrated circuit with two Op-Amps powered by a single power supply. It is made up of two separate compensated operational amplifiers with low power and a high gain frequency. The LM358 is specially designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide voltage range.