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8 Pin DIP IC Socket Base Adaptor

8 Pin DIP IC Socket Base Adaptor

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  • 8-pin ICs are integrated circuits (ICs) that have 8 pins or leads for connecting the IC to a circuit board.
  • 8-pin ICs are widely used in many electronic devices and appliances, such as timers, oscillators, and digital logic circuits.
  • Molded notch for proper orientation.
  • Easy to insert and remove ICs.

8 Pin IC Base

An 8-pin IC base refers to a type of integrated circuit (IC) package that has 8 pins or leads for connecting the IC to a circuit board. These pins are typically arranged in a dual in-line package (DIP) configuration, with two rows of four pins each. 8-pin ICs are often small and simple ICs that are widely used in many electronic devices and appliances, such as timers, oscillators, and digital logic circuits, for example, 555 timer IC, LM358 IC, etc.

The 8-pin DIP package is one of the most common IC package formats, and it is often used for ICs that have a small number of input and output pins. This package is relatively easy to work with, as the pins are widely spaced and can be easily inserted into a breadboard or soldered onto a circuit board. This is 8 Pin IC Base with a pin-to-pin spacing of 2.54mm and a width of 7.62mm (300 mil).


  • 8 Pin DIP IC Socket Base Adaptor
  • Molded notch for proper orientation
  • Easy to insert and remove ICs
  • Compatible with 8-pin ICs in dual in-line package (DIP) configuration
  • Reliable and durable design


  • Circuit prototyping: Facilitates easy testing and swapping of 8-pin ICs during circuit development.
  • Electronic projects: Useful for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts working on projects involving timers, oscillators, and digital logic circuits.
  • Breadboarding: Compatible with breadboards, making it convenient for temporary circuit setups and experimentation.
  • Embedded systems development: Useful in the prototyping phase of embedded systems where different ICs may need testing.
  • Robotics projects: Can be incorporated into robotics projects that involve 8-pin ICs for control and processing.
  • Automation projects: Suitable for applications requiring small-scale automation using 8-pin ICs.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 8 Pin IC Base


Pin spacing  0.1 inches (2.54 mm)
Pin 18
Dimension 10x10x4mm
Weight 2g

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1. What is 8 pin IC base?

The 8 pin IC a small shield for ICs. They can be used to mount on a 16/8 pin IC base that is already attached in the PCB. The 8 pin IC saves the time and cost for replacing any existing IC in the device. We can directly remove and mount the 8 pin ICs on the 16 or 8 pin IC base. 

2. What is the use of IC base?

8 pin IC sockets can be soldered to printed circuit board, stripboard and then insert the IC into it instead of soldering the chip directly to the board. 8 pin IC base sockets are optional, but using one allows you to easily swap ICs (Example, to compare different op amps in a working circuit), easily replace the IC if one fails, and protects the IC from excessive heat when soldering.

3. What are the dimensions of the 8 Pin IC Base?

The 8 Pin IC Base has a pin-to-pin spacing of 2.54mm, dimensions of 10x10x4mm, and weighs 2g.

4. Can I use the 8 Pin IC Base for small electronics projects?

Absolutely! Its 2.54mm pin spacing and DIP configuration make it easy to use in various electronic projects.

5. Can I use the 8 Pin IC Base for ICs like the 555 timer or LM358?

Absolutely! It's designed for various 8-pin ICs, including popular ones like the 555 timer and LM358.