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Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

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  • This Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is an industrial-grade sensor to measure distance.
  • This Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor has a good performance and almost the same usage of an HC-SR04 module.
  • It can be easily interfaced with Arduino and Sample codes and projects are available.
  • Integrated with wire enclosed waterproof probe, suitable for wet, harsh measurement occasions

Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

This Waterproof ultrasonic sensor is very similar to the Ultrasonic sensor which is found in cars. This Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor shows some important constructional advantages over the conventional sensors. It comes in two separate parts one being the transducer which is the sensing element and the other being the control board.

The module is capable of providing information on the objects between the distance range of 250 mm to 4500 mm. The great advantage of using this Waterproof Ultrasonic sensor is you can put the sensing element far away from all the control circuitry.

This Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is an industrial-grade sensor to measure distance. Interfacing with it is the same as another cheap ultrasonic sensor, but it offers better performance and is compatible with harsher environments and is waterproof too.

There are many ultrasonic distance sensors on the market, but sometimes, this kind of sensor needs to work in vulnerable conditions. This Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor meets this requirement. 

It is very easy to use, a control port with a 10US above high level can wait for high-level output at the receiving port. An output can drive the timer when this port is low can read the timer value, this time for the location of the time can be distance measurement. Constantly cycle tests that can achieve the measurement of the value of your mobile.

Waterproof ultrasonic sensors are a reliable and essential tool. They allow us to measure the distance between stationary objects such as walls, floors or ceilings with unparalleled accuracy. These advanced technology-packed devices detect changes in humidity levels, temperature fluctuations and other environmental conditions that could compromise safety of our valuables stored inside buildings we own or manage. The environmentally sealed waterproof bodies provide protection against dust particles while allowing full access to settings at all times making it very easy for anyone to use them even without technical knowhow.

Robocraze's range of waterproof ultrasonic sensors guarantees high precision performance both indoors and outdoors regardless of how wet your environment gets - be it rainwater flooding waters from rivers or oceans! So if you need accurate measurements quickly then relying on these state-of-the art products is an absolute must have item in the arsenal of every homeowner or real estate investor seeking dependable results time after time!

Wiring of the Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

  • +5V(positive)
  • Trig(control)
  • Echo(receive)
  • GND(negative)


  • Waterproof: Designed to work in wet or harsh environments.
  • Industrial-grade: Built for reliable and accurate distance measurement.
  • Wide Detection Range: Can measure distances between 250mm and 4500mm.
  • Easy to Use: Simple interface, compatible with Arduino projects.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various applications like water level measurement, obstacle avoidance, and traffic control.


  • Water level measuring system
  • Horizontal distance
  • Obstacle avoidance, automatic control
  • Traffic control
  • Security, industrial control
  • Artificial intelligence, and research.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor
  • 1 x 2.5m Separate Probe


Operating Voltage 5 V
Sonar Sensing Range 25-450 cms
Max. Sensing Range 450 cms
Frequency 40KHz
Dimensions  4.1 x 2.8 x 1.25cms
Weight  100 grams

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1. How does ultrasonic sensor work?

As we connect the ultrasonic sensor with power and initialize the input pin, it starts transmitting the sound waves which then travel through the air and hit the required object. These waves hit and bounce back from the object and then collected by the receiver of the module. Distance is directly proportional to the time these waves require to come back at the receiving end. The more the time taken, more the distance will be.

2. What is difference between HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor and waterproof ultrasonic sensor?

The main difference, besides it being waterproof, is that waterproof ultrasonic sensor uses only one ultrasonic transducer instead of two. This transducer serves as both the transmitter and the receiver of the ultrasound waves.

3. Can ultrasonic sensor work underwater? 

Yes, the ultrasonic sensor works underwater, the sensor can detect the presence of any object underwater within the range of the ultrasonic sensor. Several factors affect sound propagation; refraction, absorption, and scattering. 

4. What is the maximum range of an ultrasonic sensor module? 

The module is capable of providing information on the objects between the distance range of 250 mm to 4500 mm. The great advantage of using this Waterproof Ultrasonic sensor is you can put the sensing element far away from all the control circuitry. 

5. What are ultrasonic sensors? 

An ultrasonic sensor is an electronic device that measures the distance of a target object by emitting ultrasonic sound waves and converting the reflected sound into an electrical signal. Ultrasonic waves travel faster than the speed of audible sound (i.e. the sound that humans can hear). 

6. Can ultrasonic sensor detect humans? 

Yes, an ultrasonic sensor can detect a human. The ultrasonic sensor measures the distance of a target object by emitting ultrasonic sound waves and converts the reflected sound into an electrical signal 

7. What is the difference between an IR sensor and an ultrasonic sensor? 

Ultrasonic sensors use sound waves (echolocation) to measure how far away you are from an object. On the other hand, IR sensors use Infrared light to determine whether or not an object is present. Accuracy and reliability are also big differentiators in these sensors.