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NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)

NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)
NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)
NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)
  • NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)
  • NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)
  • NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)

NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)

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  • This is NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)
  • 3D printer motor with high torque
  • 59Ncm( holding torque
  • NEMA 17 bipolar 1.65"x1.65"x1.85" 4-wire
  • Build with 1m Cable and 0.1" pitch Connector
  • Rated current 2.0A & resistance 1.4ohms

NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)

Stepper motors move in precisely repeatable steps, making them ideal for machines requiring precise position control. The Nema17 Stepper motor has a torque of 59Ncm at 2.0A current per phase. Stepper Motor Drivers can be used to command the motor's position to move or remain in one position. The Nema17 Stepper motor responds quickly to stepper motor driver starting, stopping, and reversing pulses.

They are very useful in a variety of applications, particularly those that require low speed with high precision. Many machines are available, including 3D printers, CNC routers and mills, camera platforms, XYZ plotters, and so on. Because it is a brushless DC motor, its life is determined by the life of the bearings. Position control is accomplished using a simple Open Loop control mechanism, which eliminates the need for complex electronic control circuitry. The motor shaft has been machined to ensure a good grip with a pulley, drive gear, etc., and to avoid stalling or slip.


  • The input pulse decides the rotation angle of the motor.
  • High accuracy of around 3 to 5% a step.
  • It provides good starting, stopping, and reversing.
  • Control of this motor is less costly because of the exclusion of complex control circuitry.
  • The speed is proportional to the frequency of the input pulses.

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)


Motor Type Bipolar Stepper
Step Angle 1.8 deg
Holding Torque 59Ncm(
Rated Current/phase 2.0A
Phase Resistance 1.4ohms
Inductance 3.0mH ± 20%(1KHz)
Driving Voltage 12-24V(suggest 24V)
Connection Black(A+), Green(A-), Red(B+), Blue(B-)
Weight 390g

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose a power supply for stepper motor NEMA 17?

  • NEMA 17 stepper motors typically have more torque than smaller variants such as NEMA 14 and have a recommended drive voltage of 12-24V.To choose the best power supply for a stepper motor, the voltages of the motors must be added together Like most motors, stepper motors have voltage and current ratings. These numbers indicate the maximum current you can expect when connecting a motor to a given voltage.

2. Are all NEMA17 stepper motors the same?

  • No, not all NEMA 17 stepper motors are the same. Two different NEMA 17 motors can have significantly different electrical or mechanical specifications and are not necessarily compatible.

3. How strong is a NEMA 17 stepper motor?

  • 1.8 degree bipolar Nema 17 stepper motor. Step angle (200 steps/revolution). Each phase he consumes 2.1 A and allows a maximum holding torque of 65 Ncm (92 This is he one of the most powerful stepper motors. NEMA 17 stepper motors are commonly used in printers, CNC machines and laser cutters.