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Multi Coin Acceptor Programable for Vending Machines

Multi Coin Acceptor Programable for Vending Machines

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  • The multi coin acceptor machine is capable of accepting upto 6 types of all worldwide Coins and Tokens.
  • It is integrated with an intelligent CPU software control for high accuracy.
  • It adapts self programming features.
  • It prevents any electrical shocks and electromagnetic interference.

Multi Coin Acceptor Programable for Vending Machines

Are you using electronics to try to make a quick buck? Why stop at dime-sized items? This coin acceptor will accept as many as six distinct coin types!

This programmed coin acceptor makes it simple to monetise your next project, regardless of whether you're creating your own arcade cabinet or simply charging entrance fees to your home.

The thickness, diameter, and fall time of the coins are used by the sensors in this coin acceptor to identify them, and it is entirely customizable so you are not restricted to any certain sort of currency.

Select a coin profile, insert a number of coin samples (or the same coin again), and then specify the value using the buttons and 7-segment display on the side of the device.

Once the coin profiles have been programmed, you may read the serial output of the coin acceptor to find out the value of each coin as it is inserted. These values are reported as binary bytes, and the unit's baud rate is adjustable.

Along with a (very loud) alert beeper and a coin reject feature, this coin acceptor also contains a coin reject button that your controller may use to instruct it to stop accepting coins.

A pocket full of change, a 12 VDC supply, and a place for the change to fall once it is accepted are all you need to get the coin acceptor running. It can be easily interfaced with any sensors

Therefore, it's unlikely that you'll become wealthy by creating your own vending machines, but access control using various token sizes or even a virtual vending machine where you can buy MMORPG stuff could be interesting.

A tonne of awesome coin-operated projects are already planned and ready to go!

Multi Coin Acceptor for Vending Machine Built

Multi Coin Acceptor for Vending Machine Built

Coin acceptor for vending machine Features to Ponder Upon:

  • Easy integration for coin acceptance and detection.
  • Accepts up to 6 types of coins and tokens worldwide.
  • Ensures precise coin detection with intelligent CPU control.
  • Accurately detect valid coins while rejecting fake ones.
  • Signals valid coins using digital pulses for microcontroller connection.
  • No PC is needed for setup and automatic self-test for troubleshooting.
  • Guards against electric shock and electromagnetic interference.

    How to configure a vending machine coin acceptor
    (multi-coin acceptor):

    1. When you press the setting key(8), the letter E will appear (choosing several currency systems).
    2. The accurate key or broaden key can then be pressed to increase or decrease the numerical value.
    3. Please hit the setting key once the setup is complete to confirm.
    4. H appearing in the sentence (the quantity of sampling for various currency values).
    5. P appears in the sentence (the numerical value for signal output of various currency values).
    6. F appearing in the sentence (the precision of various currency values).
    7. The setting is complete with the money of your choice according to parity of argumentation.
    8. Please turn off the power when the letter E appears so that it can reopen.

    The multi-coin reader machine can take up to six different kinds of coins and tokens from across the world. For great accuracy, it has an integrated intelligent CPU software control. Self-programming characteristics are adapted. It guards against electromagnetic interference and electrical shocks.

    Multi Coin Acceptor Machine/coin acceptor vending machine : 

    By analysing the coin's mass, size, diameter, thickness, metal composition, and/or magnetism, the coin acceptor determines which coin it is, and after that, sends the proper electrical signal via its output link. The banknote to the coin exchanger usually completes the following step.

    How to program a coin acceptor:

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Multi Coin Acceptor Programable for Vending Machines

    Multi Coin Acceptor Specifications:

    Identify accuracy rate 95%
    Diameter Ф15mm-Ф29mm
    Thickness 1.8mm-3.0mm
    Operating voltage DC12V ± 10%
    Working current 50mA
    Recognition speed  ≤0.6sec
    Dimensions  6.3 x 6 x 12.3cms 
    Weight  200 grams

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    1. What is coin acceptor?

    The phrase "coin acceptor" refers to a mechanism that assesses the legality of coins or tokens inserted into pachinko slot machines.


    2. How do coin sensors work?

    In order to convert mechanical vibrations caused by coin collisions or hits with metal parts into electric vibrations, sensor means are supplied. Additionally, there are means for cleaning the square wave produced by the comparator and triggering the power switch.


    3. How do you make a coin acceptor?

    A small aperture on a parking metre, arcade game machine, vending machine, etc. to accept the coin used to run the device.