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23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor

23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor
23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor
23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor
  • 23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor
  • 23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor
  • 23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor

23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor

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  • This is the 23HS5628 NEMA23 Stepper Motor
  • The shaft diameter of this NEMA23 Stepper Motor is 8mm.
  • The Rated Current of this Stepper motor is 2.5A.
  • The Step Angle of this Stepper Motor is 1.8 degrees.
  • The Holding Torque of this Stepper Motor is 12.6
  • This Stepper Motor is widely used in 3D printers, surveillance equipment, medical / textile / packaging machinery and stage lighting, etc.

23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor

The 23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor is a prodigious contraption of unparalleled power and reliability, perfectly suited for a multitude of applications. Its uncanny ability to deliver smooth and consistent torque at high speeds, thanks to its bipolar configuration and Nema23 frame size, sets it apart from its peers. The motor's compact size makes it effortless to integrate into your pre-existing setup, while its unyielding construction ensures its resilience in the most challenging operating conditions.

With a step angle of 1.8 degrees and a holding torque of 12.6, the Nema23 Stepper Motor proves itself as a versatile and tenacious taskmaster. Its noise and vibration profile are virtually imperceptible, ensuring that your machinery runs with the utmost serenity and fluency.

Without a doubt, the Nema23 Stepper Motor stands out as a paragon of excellence in the world of machinery. Its compact form belies its prodigious might, delivering a performance that leaves no room for mediocrity. Thus, if you're seeking a first-rate stepper motor that boasts precision and reliability in an astoundingly compact package, look no further than the 23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor.


  • Widely used in 3D printers, surveillance equipment, medical / textile/packaging machinery and stage lighting, etc.

  • The motor wire is made of pure copper, with a uniform copper wire layout and corrosion resistance.

  • The motor adopts 4 pin cable outlet method, easy to connect.

  • Made of high-quality materials, durable and long service.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 23HS5628 Nema23 Stepper Motor


Motor Type NEMA23
Step Angle 1.8
Operating Current (A) 2.8
Shaft Type Round
Shaft Diameter 8mm
Holding Torque
Motor Length 56mm

1. What does NEMA 23 stand for?

  • The National Electrical Manufacturers Association establishes specifications for a wide range of electrical products, including step motors. In general, "size 11" refers to the motor's mounting face being 1.1 inches square. So, a Size 23 step motor is 2.3 inches square.

2. Are stepper AC or DC?

  • DC, A stepper motor is powered by a direct current voltage applied via a driver.

3. What is stepper motor used for?

  • The stepper motor is used in motorised devices that require precise positioning, such as hard disc drives, robotics, antennas, telescopes, and some toys. Stepper motors have a high holding torque but cannot run at high speeds.

4. Why it is called stepper motor?

  • Stepper motors get their name from the fact that each electrical pulse causes the motor to move one step. A driver controls stepper motors by sending pulses into the motor, causing it to turn.