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30A Simonk ESC Controller (With only bullets) for Drones

30A Simonk ESC Controller (With only bullets) for Drones

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  • Simonk 30A BLDC ESC Electronic Speed Controller can drive motors which consume current up to 30A. 
  • It works on 2S-3S LiPo batteries. 
  • This electronic speed controller offers a battery eliminator circuit (BEC) that provides 5V and 2A to the receiver so no extra receiver battery is required.
  • Low-voltage protection, over-heat protection, and throttle signal loss protection.
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30A Simonk ESC Controller for Drones

The Simonk 30A ESC is an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) which is used to drive brushless DC motors and is capable of supplying current up to 30A. The 30A Simonk controller is made for quadcopters and multicopters to provide faster and better motor speed control. Suited for quads up to 2.5kg, octos up to 5kg. The ESCs do not overheat, burn or lock out - unline many other ESCs flashed with the SimonK firmware. The ESC motor leads are reduced to simple bullet connectors, this allows for quick and clean installation inside your multi rotor. Compatible with 2S to 3S battery

This 30A ESC features a battery eliminator circuit (BEC) that provides 5V and 2A to the receiver or flight controller, so an extra battery to power those is not needed. These electronic speed controllers are best used with A2212 BLDC motors of 1000kv, 1400kv, and 2200kv.

Warning: When we connect BLDC ESC directly to the remote control receiver; never ever switch off the remote control before switching off power to the BLDC ESC. Depending on the model of the remote control; it may result in full throttle applied to the motor and it will rotate at full speed.


  • Power: Red - 7.4V to 14.8V
                 Black - GND
  • Servo: Yellow - Throttle Input
                Red - 5V, 2Amp Out
                Brown - GND
  • BLDC Motor: 3 Blue Wires - BLDC ESC Connections


  • High-quality MOSFETs for BLDC motor drive.
  • The throttle calibration function of the Simonk ESC motor helps you to adapt to different remote throttle travel differences and improve throttle response smoothly.
  • It provides low voltage protection as well as reverse polarity protection.
  • It provides protection on the 5v lines.
  • High-performance heat sink for better thermal management.


  • BLDC Motors in Quadcopters.
  • Multirotor drones.
  • RC Planes etc.


  • 1 x Simonk Red ESC 30A without Connector


Brand  Simonk
Current Rating  30A
Suitable Batteries 2-3S LiPo
Recommended BLDC Motors  A2212 brushless motor (1000kv1400kv2200kv)
Dimensions 45 x 24 x 11mm
Weight 32 grams

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What is 30A in ESC?

  • This ESC 30A has a battery eliminator circuit (BEC) that supplies 5V and 2A to the receiver or flight controller, eliminating the need for an additional battery. These electronic speed controllers work best with 1000kv, 1400kv, and 2200kv A2212 BLDC motors.

What is the best ESC for drone?

  • Simonk 30A BLDC ESC Electronic Speed Controller can power motors consuming up to 30A of current. It is powered by 2-3S LiPo batteries. This electronic speed controller includes a battery eliminator circuit (BEC) that supplies 5V and 2A to the receiver, eliminating the need for an additional receiver battery.

How does an ESC work?

  • An ESC, or Electronic Speed Controller, regulates the movement or speed of a brushless motor by activating the appropriate MOSFETs to generate a rotating magnetic field, causing the motor to rotate. The higher the frequency or the faster the ESC cycles through the six intervals, the higher the motor speed.