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F450 Quadcopter Frame Kit with A2212 KV1000 Brushless Motor and 4 30A ESC and 2 Pair 1045 Propeller

F450 Quadcopter Frame Kit with A2212 KV1000 Brushless Motor and 4 30A ESC and 2 Pair 1045 Propeller

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  • The F450 frame kit is manufactured with high quality quality glass fiber and poly-amide nylon.
  • The ESCs provided with the kit are 30A electronic speed controller best compatible with brushless motors.
  • This BLDC brushless motor has a built with high-end magnets, a high pole count and custom motor mount.
  • The 1045 propeller set are designed to be aerodynamically efficient while flying.
  • Buy the F450 quadcopter kit online at best prices from Robocraze.

DIY F450 Quadcopter Frame Kit

Assembling this F450 quadcopter frame kit is easy with pre-threaded brass sleeves for all of the frame bolts, so no lock-nuts are required. It utilizes one size of bolt for the entire build, making the hardware very easy to keep in order and only requiring one size of hex wrench to assemble.

The F450 quadcopter frame kits  consist of the following parts: 

F450 Quadcopter Frame

The F450 Quadcopter Frame is a 450mm quad frame built from quality materials. The main frame is glass fiber while the arms are constructed from ultra-durable polyamide nylon. F450 also comes with stronger molded arms, so no more arm breakage at the motor mounts on a hard landing.

A2212 1000Kv motor

The A2212 1000Kv motor is a BLDC brushless outrunner motor specifically made for quadcopters and multirotors. It provides high performance and brilliant efficiency.

1045 propellor

A set of 2 x 1045 Propellers. The set includes one clockwise rotating and one counter-clockwise rotating propeller with 2 x propeller shaft adapters. The adapters allow the propeller to be used with motors of different shaft diameters.

Simonk 30Amp ESC brushless motor

The Simonk 30A ESC is an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) which is used to drive brushless DC motors and is capable of supplying current up to 30A. The 30A Simonk controller is made for quadcopters and multicopters to provide faster and better motor speed control.

    How do you install the ESCs and the brushless motors into the F450 frame?

    Installing the ESCs and the brushless motors on the quadcopter frame kit is a simple operation.

    • Firstly, mount the motors on the arms of the quadcopter frame kit by screwing the motors onto the motor mounting plates.
    • Mount the motors such that the wires are in the direction of the centre of the frame.
    • Plug the ESCs to the brushless motors and then zip tie the ESCs and the wires to the arms of the quadcopter frame firmly.
    • The 4 ESC's need to be soldered to the bottom PCB (bigger in size). The red wires of the ESCs must be soldered to the positive terminal while the black wires must be soldered to the negative terminal.
    • To solder the wire first you need to tin the point on the board by applying some solder.
    • Ensure the solder joint is clean and strong.

    Also check Smart 100 Carbon Fiber FPV RC Racing Quadcopter Frame Spare Parts Accessories Kit. The frame is made of carbon fiber and is compatible with 65mm propellers and 8520 coreless motors. It can be used with 1s 3.7v lipo batteries. The kit also includes some spare parts and accessories. 

    read our blog explaining the what do you need to build a drone, which provides information about building a drone and essential components required for the process.


    • 4 x 1000 KV motor
    • 30Amp ESC brushless motor
    • 2 pairs x 1045 propellor
    • 1 x F450 Quadcopter Frame


    Motor KV (RPM/V) of BLDC motor


    Maximum Power (W) of BLDC motor


    Current Rating of Simonk 30A ESC


    BEC of Simonk 30A ESC

    5V 2A

    Material of Quadcopter Frame

    Glass fiber

    Package Dimensions

    15 x 9 x 8cms

    Package weighs

    750 grams

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    1. Which frame is best for drone?

    • The ideal drone frame depends mostly on your budget and unique requirements. The best material for a drone frame is carbon fiber. It is the best option for attaining both durability and speed in flight because it provides the optimal blend of strength and lightweight design. Although carbon fiber can be more costly than materials like plastic and aluminum, its increased performance and dependability make the expenditure beneficial, particularly for applications involving professionals or sophisticated hobbyists. That means that if you're seeking the best drone frame, carbon fiber would probably be your best option.

    2. How to choose quadcopter frame?

    • When choosing a quadcopter frame for FPV flying, consider:
      • Frame sizes for maneuverability.
      • Layout (arm configuration) for flight characteristics.
      • Freestyle or racing focus.
      • Frame weight balancing agility and durability.
      • Attention to small details like carbon fiber quality.
      • Price relative to features and performance.

    3. Can I design my own drone?

    • Yes, you can create your own drone design! It's an interesting and thrilling objective, but there are challenges to face. A drone's construction and design must consider several factors such as size, weight, power, control, safety, and kind. But if you have the required equipment, know-how, and determination, you can build a custom flying aircraft that meets your needs and preferences. Constructing a drone from scratch or simply modifying existing designs can be a fun and educational project. All you need to do to successfully launch your drone is prepare to invest a significant amount of time and energy into research, testing, and experimentation.

    4. What is the return policy for the F450 Quadcopter Frame Kit?

    • The return window is 7 days from receipt unless otherwise stated. Returns are accepted only for non-working/damaged products. Initiate return requests through our customer service team via Support ticket or contact us at +91-8123057137. Refunds are processed within 3 to 4 working days post inspection and approval.

    5. When can I expect my order to be shipped and delivered?

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