Stuck in the middle of traffic on the way to your work and cursing the whole system? Now, imagine that you're flying to work, avoiding all the traffic. Sounds dreamy? Well, hold your horses. There're more. Tired of waiting for your desired parcel. Well, even with the fastest delivery system of Amazon, the wait seems longer when you're waiting eagerly for something. How about you can get your parcel delivered within 30mins of order? Unrealistic? Sounds like an imaginary world? Not really. All these are already happening or about to occur in the very recent future in our daily life. And the answer is Drone!


Yeah, so a drone can do much more than those YouTube vlogs or those beautiful aerial pictures which flood your Instagram feed. Apart from using a drone to nurture your hobbies, it has extensive commercial usage. It is used in Agriculture, Military, Disaster Management Services, Healthcare, logistics, and many more.


A drone is a robot that can fly autonomously or with remote control. It has implanted navigation systems like GPS and camera. It is hugely used in surveillance and situational awareness on the battlefield for the military. You can even shoot a target with the help of a drone. It has a significant impact on the Disaster Management System. For example, you can locate a trapped victim's exact location in a flood area by a drone and then send a rescue team to that accurate location.


The other massive usage of Drone happens to be in the Logistics sector. Amazon already has started Amazon Prime Air, designed to deliver packages less than 5pounds to its customer in 30 mins or less. The famous courier company DHL partnered with a Chinese Drone company for delivering its parcels. Not only this, the US drone start-up NATLUS provides load overseas. Their drones are functional on the sea, and those are 17% faster than the cargo ships and 50% less costly than a Boeing 747. So, Drone is clearly taking over the parcel delivery system. Not only that, a drone can even be used as an air taxi! With or without a pilot, you'll be reaching your destination in no time and hustle-free! A prototype of human transportation of Drone is already on the way. You can test for soil health, air or water condition with a Drone in the agricultural sector. A drone can inspect an airbus's safety with inbuilt cameras and many more in the aviation industry.


Real estate companies shoot promotional videos with aerial views of their properties with drones. And we all know the increasing trend of using drones among vloggers, videographers, or photographers. Needless to say, there're a variety of drones serving different purposes. In 2020, drones' sales rose up by 180%, and its global market value was nearly $200Billion. With disadvantages like privacy and security issues, a drone can help different sectors if used wisely.


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    Components and Supplies

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