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SG90 Micro Servo Motor

SG90 Micro Servo Motor

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  • High-speed Metal Gear: Enjoy precise control with TowerPro SG90 Mini Servo's high-speed metal gear.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for RC aircraft, cars, and robotics, catering to hobbyists' diverse needs.
  • Stable Torque: Provides a reliable 1.2 kg-cm of torque, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free setup and suitable for all skill levels.
  • Durability and Reliability: Crafted with quality materials for long-lasting, dependable performance.
  • Multi-Purpose Servo: Ideal for various projects, be it RC or robotics, making it a valuable addition.
  • Suitable for All Ages: A versatile option that suits hobbyists of all age groups.

SG90 Micro Servo Motor

The TowerPro SG90 1.2kg 180 Degree Rotation Servo Motor rotates 90° in each direction making it a 180° servo motor. It is a Digital Servo Motor that receives and processes PWM signals faster and better.

Elevate your projects with the TowerPro SG90 Mini Servo, an excellent choice for precision and control. With high-speed metal gear, this servo motor ensures precise control, making it an indispensable tool for your endeavors.

This servo's stable torque of 1.2 kg-cm guarantees consistent performance across its range. It is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring an easy installation process, and making it accessible to all skill levels.

Quality materials make this servo motor durable and reliable, promising long-lasting performance, even in demanding situations. Whether you're pursuing RC projects or venturing into robotics, the TowerPro SG90 Mini Servo is a must-have addition to your toolkit. Unlock a world of possibilities and take your projects to the next level with this versatile micro servo 9g. It's suitable for hobbyists of all ages, so you can enjoy its benefits regardless of your experience level.

The SG90 Micro Servo Motor is the perfect choice for a range of robotic applications. It's able to rotate 180°, making it an ideal solution for controlling and operating various moving parts within your robot projects. This micro servo motor SG90 has been designed with precision in mind - its unique structural design ensures exact movements throughout each operation process while running quietly at low noise levels.

Furthermore, this servo motor requires minimal inputs when used to command more complex controls which helps boost productivity significantly compared to other alternatives on the market today. In addition, the SG90 micro servo motor offers superior performance combined with a long-lasting durability that's capable of handling even heavy loads without any issue whatsoever - giving you ultimate control over how your robots will move and articulate their joints perfectly every time! The reliable design of the micro servo sg90 also ensures no additional maintenance or repair costs are needed during extended use as well–meaning this powerful motor can be counted on regardless of whatever project or task you have lined up!

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read our blog about sg90 servo motor, Which covers various aspects such as its working mechanism, and applications in robotics, telescope, industrial production, machinery works, and production industries.

Wire Description:

Red – Positive

Brown – Negative

Orange – Signal

SG90 Micro Servo Motor interfacing with Arduino


  • Accurate positioning
  • Fast control response
  • Constant torque throughout the servo travel range
  • Excellent holding power


  • Robotic arm
  • CNC machine
  • Steering systems
  • RC cars
  • Automatic door opener
  • Home automation applications

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x SG90 Micro Servo Motor

SG90 Micro Servo Motor Specifications:

Model SG90
Operating Voltage (VDC) 3.0 ~ 7.2
Operating Speed (4.8V) 0.10sec/60°
Dimensions 22.8 x 12.6 x 34.5
Weight(gm) 9

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1. What is the maximum weight that an SG90 servo can support?

The SG90 micro servo motor has a torque of 2.5kg/cm means it can draw weight of 2.5kg when suspended at a distance of 1cm. So if you suspend the load at 0.5cm, the motor can pull a load of 5kg, but if you suspend it at 2cm, the motor can only pull 1.25kg.

2. What is the SG90 servo motor used for?

The Micro Servo motor SG90 is a 9-gram servo motor also known as servo 9 g that rotates at a rate of about 0.3 seconds (0.1s/60 degrees) from 0 to 180 degrees (about). The sg90 servo motor price is low-cost and it can be used in multiple applications that include motorized vehicles and robotic arms.

3. How many degrees of rotation can a SG90 servo handle?

The SG90 Servo motors can typically only rotate 90 degrees in either direction for a total of 180 degrees at a speed of about 0.3 seconds (0.1 sec/60 degrees).

4. How do servo motors get faster?

The servos are controlled by sending variable width electrical pulses or pulse width modulation (PWM) through the control cable. The onboard controller is already driving the motors at full power. The only way to increase speed is to reduce the load on the servo output, increase the voltage, or change the servo. Of course, you can measure current by measuring the voltage drop across a possibly very small sense resistor.

5. How to interface servo motors with Arduino ?

  • The following are the steps to connect a servo motor to the Arduino:
  • The servo motor has a three-pin female connector. The ground is usually the darkest, if not completely black. Connect this to the Arduino GND.
  • Connect the power cable that in all standards should be red to 5V on the Arduino.
  • Connect the remaining line on the servo connector to a digital pin on the Arduino.