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PCA9685 16 Channel Servo Motor Driver(Soldered)

PCA9685 16 Channel Servo Motor Driver(Soldered)

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  • This is PCA9685 16 Channel Servo Motor Driver(Soldered)
  • The operating voltage: 2.3V to 5.5V
  • This has 5.5V tolerant inputs
  • This can operate at minus 40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius
  • Software reset feature (SWRST Call) allows the device via I2C bus reset
  • 25MHz internal oscillator requires no external components
  • The maximum allowable 50MHz external clock input

PCA9685 16 Channel Servo Motor Driver(Soldered)

This is 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver – I2C interface – PCA9685. You want to make a cool robot, maybe a hexapod walker, or maybe just a piece of art with a lot of moving parts. Or maybe you want to drive a lot of LEDs with precise PWM output. Then you realize that your microcontroller has a limited number of PWM outputs! What now? You could give up OR you could just get this handy PWM and Servo driver breakout.

Programmable fuzzy group (dim) / Flashing LED brightness independent mixed with 1MHz Fast-mode Plus is compatible with high drive capability has 30mA on SDA I2C bus interface to drive a highly capacitive bus. Each LED output can be achieved from the fully closed (the default) to 4096 (12) between the maximum brightness linear programmable brightness.

Software programmable open-drain LED output selection (the default is a push-pull) of 16 push-pull outputs (at 5V 25mA sink can absorb and provide 10mA current draw), no input function. Programmable output state is in response to an order to change or stop to achieve simultaneously update all outputs or by-byte (byte-by-byte) update output (default is “Stop command to change”). Effective low output enable input pin when the pin is high, the LED output can be programmed to 0,1 or tri-state (high impedance power-on default).

6 hardware address pins so that the same can be connected to 62 PCA9685 I2C devices on the bus. LED output frequency (all LED) is typically 40Hz to 1000Hz (When the oscillator is 25MHz, the prescaler register default value 1EH 200Hz refresh rate will generate a). 4 software programmable I2C bus address (an LED group call (Call) address and three sub-LED call (Call) address) such that the device can be set in any combination to be addressed at the same time (e.g., a register used for ” All calls (All Call) “then all PCA9634 devices on the I2C bus can be addressed at the same time, while the second register for three different addresses, then a device group. 1/3 bus devices can be addressed at the same time), you can enable and disable the software I2C bus address.

If you want to control the servo motors with this 16-channel servo motor driver, for that you will need a few essential components like 


Connection diagram for interfacing 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver – I2C interface – PCA9685 with Arduino UNO:

circuit diagram of pca9685 with arduino uno



  • Adjustable frequency PWM up to about 1.6 KHz
  • Configurable push-pull or an open-drain output
  • The output enable pin to quickly disable all the outputs
  • Reverse polarity protection on the terminal block input
  • 3 pin connectors in groups of 4 so you can plug in 16 servos at once
  • Terminal block for power input

Also check the PCA9685 16 Channel 12 Bit Servo Motor Driver available on the Robocraze website. The driver offers adjustable frequency PWM up to 1.6 KHz, 12-bit resolution for each output, and supports configurable push-pull or open-drain output. It has an output enable pin to disable all outputs, reverse polarity protection, and a green power-good LED.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x PCA9685 16 Channel Servo Motor Driver(Soldered)


Driver IC PCA9685
Length 62mm
Height 15mm
Width 25mm
Weight 10gm

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1. What is PCA9685 servo driver?

  • The PCA9685 servo driver module is used in applications requiring a high number of servo motors, such as robot arms, hexapods, and robots. It increases your microcontroller's PWM output count. You can control 16 free-running PWM outputs with just two pins.

2. What is OE pin in PCA9685?

  • OE - This is the Output Enable pin, which is normally pulled LOW, resulting in all pins being enabled. When this pin is HIGH, all output pins are disabled. Output ports: The PCA9685 board has 16 output ports, each with V+, GND, and PWM pins, where the servo motors are connected.

3. Why PCA9685 used?

  • The PCA9685 16-Channel module is extremely useful and can come in handy when there are insufficient PWM output pins. The most important application is for controlling servo motors. This module can control a large number of servo motors at the same time. As previously stated, the PCA9685 driver can control 16 servo motors.