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Quadcopter propellers 10 x 4.5 (1 Pair)

Quadcopter propellers 10 x 4.5 (1 Pair)

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  • This propeller set for quadcopter and drones are manufactured with nylon material.
  • These drones and quadcopter propellers are designed for best aerodynamic performance.
  • The nylon propellers for multi-rotor systems and RC helicopters are sturdy and can withstand shock upon crash landing.
  • These propeller drone set is designed with a dimension of 10 cm x 4.5 cm x 0.2 cm.
  • The best compatible motors for these propeller sets are 800kv - 1100kv motors with a wheelbase of 550mm - 700mm and shaft diameter of 6mm

This is a set of 2 x 1045 Propellers. The set includes one clockwise rotating and one counter-clockwise rotating propeller with 2 x propeller shaft adapters. The adapters allow the propeller to be used with motors of different shaft diameters.

This 1045 propeller can be used with brushless motors with an 800-2200 kV rating. With a low kV motor(800 - 1400 kV), this propeller offers smooth flights with longer flight times perfect for FPV and aerial photography. With a high kV motor (more than 1200 kV) this propeller offers fast flights perfect for acrobatic flights.

This propeller can be used with our A2212 1000KV, 1400KV, 1800KV, and 2200kV motors and our 30A ESC.

Note: Buy additional propellers than required on your multirotor as propellers are regularly broken during flight crashes


  • Designed for drones and quadcopters
  • Sturdy construction to withstand shock upon crash landing
  • Best compatible motors: 800kv - 1100kv motors
  • Recommended for a wheelbase of 550mm - 700mm
  • Provides smooth flights with longer flight times for low kV motors
  • Offers fast flights for acrobatic flights with high kV motors
  • Designed for FPV and aerial photography
  • Can be used with A2212 1000KV, 1400KV, 1800KV, and 2200kV motors and 30A ESC


  • Suitable for various quadcopters and drones.
  • Ideal for FPV (First Person View) applications.
  • Can be used with specific motors such as A2212 1000KV, 1400KV, 1800KV, and 2200kV.
  • Widely used in DIY drone projects and custom-built quadcopters.
  • Offers versatility in adapting to motors with different shaft diameters, thanks to included propeller shaft adapters.
  • The lightweight and sturdy construction make them suitable for both hobbyist and professional drone applications.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x clockwise 1045 propeller
  • 1 x anticlockwise propeller
  • 1 x hole set


Propeller Type 

1045 Propeller




10 inch


4.5 inch

Shaft Diameter

7.7 mm




25 grams

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1. Does propeller size matter in quadcopter?

This relates directly to flight efficiency as a small increase or decrease in diameter can change how efficiently your quadcopter flies. Smaller propellers require less effort to accelerate and decelerate than larger propellers. Larger propellers, on the other hand, are less responsive when hovering but more stable.

2. Is a 2 blade propeller faster than a 3 blade?

A 2-blade propeller is indeed faster than a 3-blade propeller. While a 3-blade propeller creates lift faster, it's also heavier and slower in operation.

3. How do I choose a quadcopter propeller?

Select a propeller that is compatible with the drone's pitch. You can't choose a propeller with an angle that isn't within your drone's specifications; it won't fly smoothly. Low pitch produces less turbulence and more torque in the air, whereas high pitch produces less torque and more turbulence.

4. What motors are compatible with the 1045 propeller set?

The propeller set suits motors with 800-2200 kV ratings. Specifically, A2212 1000KV, 1400KV, 1800KV, and 2200kV motors work well with these propellers.

5. What is the recommended wheelbase for using these propellers?

The propeller set is best suited for multi-rotor systems and RC helicopters with a wheelbase of 550mm - 700mm, ensuring optimal aerodynamic performance.