A2212 2200Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor Aircraft Quadcopter Helicopter

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  • This BLDC brushless motor has built with high-end magnets, a high pole count, and a custom motor mount
  • The 2200Kv brushless motor is designed purely for multi-rotor applications.
  • The A2212 2200Kv brushless motor has an in-built aluminum mount for quick and easy installation on your quadcopter frame.
  • It was designed from the ground up specifically for multi-rotor applications.

A2212 2200Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor Aircraft Quadcopter Helicopter

The A2212 2200Kv motor is a BLDC brushless outrunner motor specifically made for quadcopters and multirotors. It provides high performance, superpower and brilliant efficiency. These brushless BLDC motors are perfect for medium size quadcopters with 8 inches to 10-inch propellers. The A2212 brushless motors can be uses to build powerful and efficient quadcopters. They come complete with mounting bolts, prop adapters and power leads.

The A2212 2200Kv brushless motor is best used with an F450 quadcopter frame and a 30A ESC motor can be used to drive the motor.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x A2212 2200Kv BLDC Brushless Motor

  • 1x adapter for shaft

  • 1 x Mounting Adapter set

Features of the A2212 2200Kv BLDC Brushless Motor

Motor BLDC Brushless Motor 
Model  A2212
Kv 2200
Stator diameter 22mm
Stator length 13mm
Stator arms 12mm
Magnet Poles  12
Rotor Diameter 28mm
Shaft Diameter  3.17mm
Weight 50 grams