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5mm RGB LED – Common Cathode – Diffuse (Pack of 10)

5mm RGB LED – Common Cathode – Diffuse (Pack of 10)

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  • Versatile Usage: 5mm RGB LED measures 5 mm and is suitable for hobbyists of all ages. Ideal for DIY projects to add vibrant lighting effects. Available in Diffuse colour.

  • 4-Pin RGB LED: This RGB LED comes with 4 pins, offering endless colour possibilities for your creative projects. Perfect for lighting up displays, signs, and decorations. Encourages skill development, suitable for all age ranges.

  • Energy-Efficient Design: EVERLIGHT LED offers a common cathode configuration with a forward voltage of 3.3 ~ 5V and a low reverse current of 50 µA, ensuring energy efficiency in your projects.

  • Wide Temperature Range: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, operating between -40 ~ 85°C, making it suitable for various conditions and environments.

  • Easy Integration: With a through-hole mounting type, this RGB LED is easy to install in your projects. The datasheet is available for reference.

  • Endless Creativity: Create captivating lighting effects, signage, and more with this versatile 5mm RGB LED. Enhance your DIY projects with vibrant colour and eye-catching designs.

5mm RGB LED – Common Cathode – Diffuse (Pack of 10)

The 5mm RGB LED Common Cathode-Diffuse (Pack of 10) is the ideal solution for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists looking to add vibrant lighting effects to their projects. This versatile RGB LED measures 5 mm and offers endless color possibilities with its 4-pin configuration. 

Designed for energy efficiency, it features a common cathode design with a forward voltage of 3.3 ~ 5V and a low reverse current of 50 µA, ensuring your projects remain cost-effective. With a wide operating temperature range of -40 ~ 85°C, it's suitable for various conditions and environments.

Installation is a breeze with the through-hole mounting type, and a datasheet is available for your reference. Whether you're lighting up displays, signs, or creating eye-catching decorations, this RGB LED will bring your creative visions to life.

Suitable for hobbyists of all ages, it encourages skill development and is perfect for DIY projects. Add a splash of color to your creations with the EVERLIGHT LED 5mm RGB LED Common Cathode-Diffuse.


  • Enhance DIY electronics projects.
  • Provide accent or task lighting.
  • Signal status in electronic devices.
  • Ideal for breadboard testing.
  • Add realistic lighting effects to scale models.
  • Create vibrant displays.
  • Used in dashboard and interior lighting.

Package Includes:

  • 5mm RGB LED – Common Cathode – Diffuse (Pack of 10)


LED Configuration Common Cathode
Forward Voltage 3.3 ~ 5V
Reverse Current 50 µA
Continuous Forward Current 20 mA
Power Dissipation 100 mW
LED Color Diffuse
LED Diameter 5 mm
Number of Pins 4
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 85°C

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    1. What is 5mm LED light?

    A 5mm diameter light-emitting diode is what makes up a 5mm LED light. With the 5mm RGB LED Common Cathode-Diffuse type, you have a multitude of color possibilities to create various shades of red, green, and blue.


    2. What is the forward voltage of 5mm RGB LED?

    The forward voltage of the 5mm RGB LED Common Cathode-Diffuse ranges from 3.3 to 5 volts (V). This voltage is required to properly activate the LED and produce light.


    3. How many watts is 5mm LED?

    The power dissipation or the amount of power that the 5mm RGB LED Common Cathode-Diffuse can handle, is 100 milliwatts (mW). This value indicates the maximum amount of power the LED can dissipate as heat without being damaged.


    4. How long does a 5mm LED last?

    The lifespan of a 5mm LED, like the 5mm RGB LED Common Cathode-Diffuse, can change based on how you use it, where it's used, and how well it's made. But generally, LEDs last a really long time compared to regular lights. Most LEDs are expected to work for around 25,000 to 50,000 hours under normal conditions.


    5. What is the reverse current of 5mm RGB LED?

    The reverse current of the 5mm RGB LED Common Cathode-Diffuse is 50 microamps (µA). This value represents the small amount of current that flows in the reverse direction when the LED is subjected to a reverse voltage.