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Matrix 16 Button Keypad Module (4x4 Keypad)

Matrix 16 Button Keypad Module (4x4 Keypad)

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  • 4×4 Matrix Keyboard Module with 16 buttons Small in size.
  • More convenient to use Expanded development application modules for single chip
  • With 16 keys and 8 pin
  • The 4 x 4 Matrix Keypad Module is a non-encoded matrix keypad consisting of 16 keys in parallel.

Matrix 16 Button Keypad Module (4x4 Keypad)

The 4 X 4 Matrix Keypad (RM0947) is a very simple one from have 16 tactile keys connected to the male headers across the resisters on the same board. It is very small and easy to carry. Its simplicity is hexadecimal to give the power to the keypad and connect the headers to the microcontroller's input port with whenever pin female connecting wire. When one tactile key is pressed its corresponding pin with Rows and column intersection gets high logic.

The connection to the keypad is divided into rows and columns. There are four rows and 4 columns that provides HexaDecimal Output is generated whenever any switch is pressed. The hexadecimal generated can be sent directly to the control unit for logical operation.
This 4 X 4 matrix keypad is compatible with most of the controller boards available on that ranges from 8051 to Arduino Boards. Since the Output and the input of the keypad is digital in nature so, it can also be interfaced to motor driver circuit available on

How it Works?

  1. First test whether any key is pressed down. Connect power to rows, so they are High level.
  2. Then set all the rows R1-R4 as Low and then detect the status of the columns. Any column of Low indicates there is key pressing and that the key is among the 4 keys of the column.
  3. If all columns are High, it means no key is pressed down.
  4. Next, locate the key. Since the column in which the pressed key lies is identified, knowing the line would finalize the testing. Thus, set the rows as Low in turns until any is unveiled accordingly – other rows will still be High.
  5. Now the row can be identified. Detect the status of each column in turns. The column tested Low is the one intersecting with the line – their cross point is just the key pressed.


  • Password Protected Door Security System
  • Wired Remote Controlled Robot
  • Electronic Voting Machine
  • Generating External Interrupt
  • Musical Keypads and many more

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 4x4 Matrix Keypad


Switch Type


Pin Spacing (mm)


Dimensions (mm)

42 x 39 x 11

Weight (gm)


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