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Neo 6M GPS Module

Neo 6M GPS Module

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  • This is Neo 6M GPS Module
  • This Neo 6M GPS Module with 56 channels for precise position updates at 10Hz.
  • Protective moulded plastic case suitable for aircraft and quadcopter applications.
  • Seamless integration with Arduino for accurate GPS data.
  • External GPS antenna and UART TTL connections for reliable connectivity.
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery enables quick hot starts and faster GPS lock acquisition.
  • Excellent sensitivity, data backup battery, and compatibility with Ardupilot Mega v2 flight controller.

Neo 6M GPS Module

The new NEO 7 series introduces the Ublox Neo 6M GPS Module, a highly sensitive and low-power module offering 56 channels for precise position updates at a rate of 10Hz. Featuring a protective moulded plastic case, this module is perfect for aerial applications on aircraft or quadcopters, shielding it from the elements.

The Ublox Neo 6M GPS Module is a comprehensive GPS solution based on the Ublox Neo 6M technology. It seamlessly integrates with Arduino to provide accurate GPS data. This module utilizes cutting-edge Ublox technology to deliver optimal positioning information. Equipped with an external GPS antenna and UART TTL connections, it ensures reliable connectivity. Additionally, the onboard rechargeable li-ion battery enables quick hot starts and faster GPS lock acquisition.

With its exceptional binary output precision, the UBlox NEO 6M GPS Module Engine is highly reliable and suitable for indoor applications due to its remarkable sensitivity. The onboard battery allows configuration settings to be stored in EEPROM. The UFL connector facilitates easy connection with the GPS antenna using a cable, offering flexibility in module placement for optimal performance. This makes it an excellent choice for automotive and other mobile GPS applications.

The NEO-6M GPS module is a robust GPS receiver featuring a built-in ceramic antenna measuring 25 x 25 x 4mm, enhancing its satellite search capabilities. The power and signal indicators provide real-time module status monitoring. Thanks to the data backup battery, the module can preserve data even in the event of accidental power loss. With its convenient 3mm mounting holes, assembly on aircraft becomes effortless, enabling steady flight at fixed positions, automatic return home, and waypoint navigation. Alternatively, it can be integrated into smart robot cars for automatic return or navigation towards specific destinations, transforming them into intelligent bots.

This updated module is fully compatible with the Ardupilot Mega v2 flight controller, expanding its compatibility and functionality.



    • 5Hz position update rate
    • Operating temperature range: -40 TO 85°CUART TTL socket
    • EEPROM to save configuration settings
    • Rechargeable battery for Backup
    • The cold start time of 38 s and Hot start time of 1 s
    • Supply voltage: 3.3 V
    • Configurable from 4800 Baud to 115200 Baud rates. (default 9600)
    • SuperSense ® Indoor GPS: -162 dBm tracking sensitivity
    • Separated 18X18mm GPS antenna


    Neo 6M GPS Module Pinout


    • Connectivity between machines
    • Industrial tanks
    • Agricultural irrigation systems
    • Manufacturing robotics 

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    read more : Interfacing GPS Module with Raspberry Pi

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Neo 6M GPS Module

    Neo 6M GPS Module Specifications:

    Input Voltage 2.7 - 3.6V
    Model GY-GPS6MV2 Ceramic antenna
    Mounting Hole Diameter 3mm
    Baud Rate 9600 Baud default (Configurable from 4800 to 115200 Baud)
    Antenna size 18 * 18mm
    Module size 23mm * 30mm
    Cable 20mm
    Weight 50 grams

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    TinyGPS library

    1. How does GPS module neo-6M work?

    • GPS modules contain tiny processors and antennas that directly receive data sent by satellites through dedicated RF frequencies. The module will connect to 3 or more satellites to triangulate the position the position of its user

    2. What is the use of a GPS module?

    • GPS or Global Positioning systems provides user with positioning information, navigation and timing (PNT) services.

    3. Is Neo-6M GPS accurate?

    • Unlike other GPS modules, it can do up to 5 location updates a second with 2.5m Horizontal position accuracy. The u-blox 6 positioning engine also boasts a Time-To-First-Fix (TTFF) of under 1 second.

    4. Where can the NEO 6M GPS Module be used?

    • The NEO 6M GPS Module be used in applications requiring global positioning and navigation, like automotive vehicles, drones, pets, etc. 

    5. What is NEO 6M GPS Module?

    • The Ublox Neo 6M GPS Module is a fully functional GPS module based on the Ublox Neo 6M. This module makes use of the latest Ublox technology to provide the accurate positioning data. An external GPS antenna and UART TTL connections are also included.