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  • This is IOT-GA6 GPRS GSM Module
  • Supports the GSM/GPRS four bands, including 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHZ.
  • This module Supports voice calls and news SMS.
  • Support standard gsm07.07,07.05 at and ai extension commands.
  • Supports 2 serial, download a serial interface, and at the command.
  • Support digital audio and analog audio, support hr, fr, efr, amr voice coding 11. 
  • Support 2g 3g 4g mobile Unicom card.


IOT-GA6 GPRS GSM Module is an ideal IoT solution for automotive, industrial, personal tracking, power environment, wireless POS, smart metering and other projects with ultra-small size. The control pins are strobe, clock, and data. The strobe and clock pins are only output while the data pin can be both output and input. The strobe pin is used when sending data to the board - you set the strobe pin to low before you start sending data - one or more bytes - and then set the strobe pin back to high.

Note that there is just one data pin which means the data is being sent 1 bit at a time. This is where the clock pin comes into play. When sending data you set the clock pin to low then you set the data pin and set the clock pin back to high to commit the bit value. This chip supports GSM/GPRS network, available for GPRS and SMS message data remote transmission.With the help of the A6 chip, GPRS is never deactivated until its application is on and online. It supports either digital and analog audio, with HR, FR, EFR, and AMR voice coding.

This module can add voice, text, SMS, and data capabilities to your Arduino project. It has more price-to-performance value than the SIM800 and SIM900 modules. This small and low power consumption module can communicate with the microcontrollers and Arduino boards through the UART interface, with the capability of command reception, including GSM 07.07, and GSM 07.05 standards. It can be used for IoT projects, M2M applications, industrial automation, BMS projects, home automation, public transportation, personal tracking, electricity environment detection, wireless POS, smart metering, and other M2M applications


  • Mini version of a serial GSM/GPRS core development board based on GPRS A6 chip
  • Supports dual-band GSM/GPRS network for GPRS and SMS message data remote transmission
  • Provides a serial port for communication via GPRS, text messages, and phone calls
  • Ideal IoT solution for automotive, industrial, personal tracking, power environment, wireless POS, smart metering, and other projects with ultra-low power consumption
  • Supports GSM/GPRS four bands: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHZ
  • Supports voice calls, news SMS, and standard gsm07.04
  • Adds voice, text, SMS, and data capabilities to Arduino projects
  • Communicates with microcontroller via UART port and supports command including GSM 07.07, GSM 07.05, and Ai-Thinker enhanced AT Commands
  • Compact size and low current consumption with power-saving techniques
  • Current consumption as low as 3mA in sleep mode
  • Can be integrated into a great number of IoT projects such as M2M applications, industrial automation, BMS projects, home automation


  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Home Alarm System
  • Remote Controlling System
  • Security Access Control
  • Vehicle tracking
  • SMS Gateway

Package Includes:

  • 1 x IOT-GA6 GPRS GSM Module


Model  IOT-GA6 GPRS GSM Module
Operating Voltage 3.5 Volts to 4.2 Volts
Dimensions  11 x 9 x 5cms 
Weight  25 grams

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1.How does GSM GPRS module work?

  • A GSM GPRS (Global System for Mobile Communications/General Packet Radio Service) module is a hardware device that enables the communication between a device and a mobile network using the GSM and GPRS technologies. The GSM module communicates with the mobile network using radio waves. The module has a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card slot that contains a unique identifier for the device. The device sends data to the module in the form of AT (attention) commands. These commands instruct the module to perform certain actions such as sending SMS (Short Message Service) messages or establishing a GPRS data connection.

2.What are some typical applications for the IoT-GA6 GPRS GSM module? 

  • The IoT-GA6 GPRS GSM module has multiple interfaces, including UART, SPI, I2C, and USB. The IoT-GA6 GPRS GSM module can be used in a wide range of IoT (Internet of Things) applications, such as remote monitoring, asset tracking, smart metering, and home automation.