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Sim 800L GSM - GPRS Module

Sim 800L GSM - GPRS Module

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  • This is Sim 800L GSM - GPRS Module
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS module compatible with global networks (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz)
  • Supports GPRS multi-slot class for data transmission (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Compact size and low current consumption, ideal for small projects
  • Interfaces with any microcontroller for GSM functionality
  • Enables making and receiving phone calls
  • Supports sending and receiving SMS messages
  • Includes two antennas for optimal wireless connectivity, one for narrow spaces and one for use with a metal case
  • TTL serial interface with automatic baud rate detection
  • Power-saving features with low current consumption, including sleep mode with as low as 1mA

Sim 800L GSM/GPRS Module

This Small SIM800L GPRS GSM Module is equipped with a Micro SIM Card Core Board and a quad-band TTL Serial Port. It comes with two antennas included, providing excellent wireless connectivity. The SIM800L GSM/GPRS module is a compact GSM modem that can be seamlessly integrated into various IoT projects. With this module, you can achieve a wide range of functionalities similar to a regular cell phone, including sending and receiving SMS text messages, making phone calls, and connecting to the internet via GPRS, TCP/IP, and more! Moreover, this module supports a quad-band GSM/GPRS network, ensuring global compatibility.

One of the antennas is a wire type that can be directly soldered to the NET pin on the PCB, making it highly suitable for narrow spaces. The other antenna is a PCB antenna, which comes with double-sided tape and a pigtail cable featuring an IPX connector. This antenna offers superior performance and enables you to enclose the module within a metal case while keeping the antenna exposed for optimal reception.

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Pinout of Sim 800L GSM - GPRS Module


  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS module
  • Works on frequencies: 850MHz GSM, 900MHz EGSM, 1800MHz DCS, and 1900MHz PCS
  • Supports GPRS multi-slot class
  • Compact size and low current consumption
  • Ideal for small projects
  • Can be interfaced with any microcontroller for GSM functionality
  • Enables making and receiving phone calls
  • Supports sending and receiving SMS messages
  • Allows for GPRS data transmission (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Power-saving techniques with low current consumption (as low as 1mA in sleep mode)
  • TTL serial interface
  • Baud rates range from 1200 bps to 115200 bps
  • Automatic baud rate detection
  • Includes lead out buzzer and vibrational motor control port
  • Input voltage range: DC 3.7-4.2V

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Small SIM800L GPRS GSM Module.
  • 1 x PCB Antenna.


IC Chip SIM800L
Operating Voltage (VDC) 3.7 ~ 4.2
Peak Current (A) 2
Dimensions  5 x 4 x 3cms 
Weight 5 grams

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1. Does GSM module need SIM?

  • Yes, A SIM slot on the back of the SIM 800 module allows a 2G micro SIM card to work perfectly. Usually, the direction when inserting the SIM card, which is stamped on the surface of the SIM socket, is wrong. You can use any 2G SIM card to connect to any global GSM network.

2. What is sim 800 GSM module?

  • Designed as a miniature GSM modem, the SIM800L GSM/GPRS module can be integrated into various IoT projects. This SIM800L GSM/GPRS module performs similar functions as a normal mobile phone. You can send SMS text messages, make and receive phone calls, and connect to the Internet via GPRS, TCP/IP, and more. Additionally, the module supports quad-band GSM/GPRS networks, which means it can work virtually anywhere in the world.

3. How to activate GSM module 800l with Arduino?

  • Interfacing of GSM 800L Module with Arduino Board:
Arduino PinsSIM800L Pins
Ground (GND)GND
Pin 5TXD
Pin 6RXD