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XL4015 5A Constant Current/Voltage LED Drives Lithium Battery Charging Module

XL4015 5A Constant Current/Voltage LED Drives Lithium Battery Charging Module

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  • This is XL4015 5A Constant Current/Voltage LED Drives Lithium Battery Charging Module
  • XL4015 Step-Down Buck Power module operates on 180 kHz but still provide smaller sized filter components and is capable to drive a load of 5A with load regulation, high efficiency and low ripple.
  • This Constant Current and Constant Voltage feature is implemented by adding 78L05 fixed voltage regulator, TL431 precision shunt regulator and an LM358 operational amplifier to the circuit.
  • The operation frequency is reduced to 48KHz from 180KHz when a short protection function happens.
  • There are three LEDs on the module.
  • XL4015 Power Module provides very high efficiency up to 96%

XL4015 5A Constant Current/Voltage LED Drives Lithium Battery Charging Module

This versatile Buck converter serves as a standard step-down module equipped with overcurrent protection for a variety of applications. It functions as a charging device for lithium, nickel-cadmium, and nickel-hydrogen batteries, as well as battery packs, solar panels, wind turbines, and as a high-power LED driver module.

The buck converter offers two modes, constant voltage and constant current, with corresponding indicators to display the current mode. In lithium battery charging mode, the float voltage and charge current can be adjusted to indicate charging or full charge status. Additionally, the module features current limiting protection, ensuring that it will not suffer damage in the event of a short circuit.

This linear module has constant voltage and constant current function (CC CV). and it has a good performance. When you use it as a charger. this module use good chip as core and it is stable. also its ripple is low to 50mV.


  • Short circuit protection: Yes(limited current 8A)
  • Over-temperature protection: Yes (automatically turn off the output after over temperature)
  • Input reverse connection protection: None, (If necessary, please input a large current diode in the input string)
  • Installation method: 4 3mm silk
  • Wiring method: terminal block or soldering terminal,
  • V-IN is input.


  • LCD Monitor and LCD TV 
  • Portable instrument power supply 
  • Telecom / Networking Equipment

Package Includes:

1 x XL4015 5A Constant Current/Voltage LED Drives Lithium Battery Charging Module


Input Voltage 8V - 36V
Output Voltage  1.25V -32V
Output current Adjustable up to 5A
Working Frequency 140KHz
Rectification method Asynchronous rectifier
Dimension(mm) 50 x 26 x 11
Weight 20g

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1. What is XL4015 LED?

The XL4015 LED is an adjustable step-down power supply module that includes a built-in LED voltmeter. This DC/DC module boasts high efficiency and low ripple, with excellent line and load regulation, capable of driving a 5A load. Additionally, the module features LED indicators for constant current and voltage control.

2. What is the difference between XL4005 and XL4015?

Both the XL4005 and XL4015 are buck converters, although they operate at different frequencies. The XL4015 runs at 180kHz, while the XL4005 runs at 300kHz. Moreover, their input voltage ranges are distinct, with the XL4005 accommodating DC5-32V and the XL4015 accommodating 8-35V. 

3. How do I adjust the voltage on my XL4015?

To modify the voltage of an XL4015, turn the potentiometer in a clockwise direction to raise the voltage, and in a counterclockwise direction to lower it. It's important to note that this is a step-down converter, so the input voltage must be at least 1V higher than the output voltage. Online resources such as videos and tutorials are also accessible to guide you through adjusting the output voltage.