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SN04-N NPN NO Distance Proximity Sensor Switch Module

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  • The SN04-N NPN distance detector is a proximity detection sensor that can detect distance upto 5mm.
  • It is integrated withan LED indicator that turns on when the device is powered and increases in brightness when an object is detected.
  • The detection sensor can detect through thin, non-metallic materials.
  • It features reverse power protection and short circuit protection upon directly connecting with PLC.
  • Buy the SN04-N NPN distance detector online at best prices.

SN04-N NPN NO Distance Proximity Sensor Switch Module

The SN04-N NPN proximity sensor switch module is a 5mm diatance detector  will detect the presence of a metallic object within 4mm of the surface of the sensor. The distance that the proximity sensor switch detects may vary with respect to the size and material of the object. This SN04-N NPN distance detector features an LED indicator and is manufactured with materials that antivibration, dust, water and oil prevention.

Wire Connections of the SN04-N NPN Distance Detector :

  • Brown wire: 10 ~ 30 VDC (+Ve).
  • Blue wire: 0 V (GND).
  • Black wire: signal.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x SN04-N NPN distance detector

Distance Detector Specifications

Operating Voltage 10-30V
Current Consumption  5mA (Max)
Detection distance 5mm
Type of detection Induction
Cable Length 145 cm
Response Frequency 500Hz Max
Dimensions  3.6 x 1.8 x 1.8cms
Weight  100 grams
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How do I test my NPN proximity sensor?

Touch the black meter probe to the signal output wire of the sensor, normally black. When the sensor does not detect it's target, the meter display should read between 10 and 30. When the sensor senses an object, the display should drop to "0." This will confirm that the sensor has an NPN type output.





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