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PAM8610 Digital Amplifier Board

PAM8610 Digital Amplifier Board

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  • The Working Mode is Class D (PWM modulation type).
  • The PAM8610 is a 15W per channel stereo Class-D audio amplifier with DC Volume Control 
  • The board has a switch function, the SW shorted, will close the amplifier.

PAM8610 Digital Amplifier Board

This amplifier plate adopts the official standard circuit design. Chip selection used is the United States' imported Long Ding micro class D power amplifier chip.

The PAM 8610 is a 15W (per channel) stereo Class-D audio amplifier with DC Volume Control which offers low THD+N (0.1%), low EMI, and good PSRR thus high-quality sound reproduction. The 32 steps DC volume control has a +32dB to -75dB range. The PAM 8610 runs on a 7V to 15V supply at a much higher efficiency than competitors’ ICs.

The PAM8610 amplifier only requires very few external components, significantly saving cost and board space. This 2x15W Two-Channel Stereo Class-D Amplifier is available in a 40pin QFN 6 x 6 mm package.

The power amplifier has a high efficiency, large power, in the case of 12V power supply and can provide an output 10W + 10W power.Also has overheat and over-current protection functions.

PAM8610 Digital Amplifier Board Pinouts:


  1. The power supply voltage limit is 16.5V, do not use more than this voltage.
  2. The power supply is recommended for 12v, 3A power supply filter better.
  3. 4-8 inch stereo speakers recommended.
  4.  Do not short-circuit the audio output to each other or shorted to ground.
  5. Carefully check before electricity, ensure the wiring is correct before electricity.


  • Portable Audio Player
  • Mini Speaker Control System
  • Music Systems
  • Radio or TV
  • Power Amplifier

Package Includes:

  • 1 x PAM8610 Digital Amplifier Board


Supply Voltage  6-15V DC
Output Power 10W X 2
Working Mode  Class D (PWM modulation type)
Dimensions 30.5  x 25.5 x 2.6
Weight (gm) 5



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1. How to use a PAM8610 Digital Amplifier Board?

  • Using a PAM8610 Digital Amplifier Board:   
    • The maximum supply voltage for the PAM8610 board is 16.5 volts. Do not use power supplies that exceed this voltage.  
    • When using this PAM8610 module, it is recommended to use a power supply for a 12V, 3A power filter. 
    • We recommend 4 to 8-inch stereo speakers. Do not short the audio outputs together or to ground. 
    • Please check carefully if the wiring is correct before turning on the power.

2. What is PAM8610 Digital Amplifier Board used for?

  • Heat dissipation in PCB design: Class D amplifiers are generally more efficient and do not require heatsinks. Also, for high-power, high-dissipation devices, a heatsink may not be necessary if the PCB is carefully designed to get adequate heat from the PCB itself.
    Volume Control: PAM8610 has an integrated DC volume control section controlled by the VREF, VOLUME, and VREFGND pins. Determines the internal gain of the amplifier as long as the voltage on the VOLUME pin does not exceed VREF. If you use a resistor divider to set the gain of the amplifier, you can connect the VREF pin directly to AVDD and connect the resistor divider between VREF and REFGND. For fixed gain, the resistor divider values ​​are intended to center the voltage.

3. What is a PAM8610 Digital Amplifier Board?

  • The PAM8610 is a 10W (per channel) stereo class D audio amplifier with DC volume control that provides low THD+N (0.1%), low EMI, and excellent PSRR, providing high-quality sound reproduction. The 32-position DC volume control has a range from +32 dB to -75 dB. The PAM8610 operates from 7V to 15V power supply and has much higher efficiency than any other IC. The PAM8610  requires few external components,  saving significant cost and board space.  PAM8610 is available in a 6mm x 6mm, 40-pin QFN  package.