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TSOP 1838B small

TSOP 1838B small

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  • Photo detector and preamplifier in one package.
  • Internal filter for PCM frequency.
  • Inner shield, good anti-interference ability
  • High immunity against ambient light.
  • Improved shielding against electric field disturbance
  • 3.0V or 5.0V supply voltage; low power consumption.
  • TTL and CMOS compatibility.

TSOP 1838B small

The TSOP 1838B is the miniaturized infrared receiver for remote control and other applications requiring improved ambient light rejection. The separate PIN diode and preamplifier IC are assembled on a single lead frame.

The epoxy package contains a special IR filter. This module has excellent performance even in disturbed ambient light applications and provides protection against uncontrolled output pulses.

Use this IR Receiver Diode – TSOP1838B, a simple IR receiver for the infrared remote control of your next project. With low power consumption and an easy-to-use package, it mates well with embedded electronics and can be used with common IR Remotes 

The TSOP1838B is a miniaturized receiver for infrared remote-control systems. A PIN diode and a preamplifier are assembled on a lead frame while the epoxy package acts as an IR filter. The demodulated output signal can be directly decoded by a microprocessor. The TSOP1838B is compatible with all common IR Remote control data formats.


  • Optical switch
  • Light detecting portion of a remote control
  • AV instruments such as Audio, TV,VCR,CD,MD,DVD,etc.
  • Home appliances such as Air-conditioner, Fan, etc.
  • CATV set-top boxes
  • Multi-media Equipment.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x TSOP 1838B small


Voltage Supply 3.0V or 5.0V
Universal receiver 38 KHz
Dimensions  3 x 1 x 1 cm
Weight 5 grams


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1. What is TSOP 1838 IR Sensor?

  • The TSOP1838 is a miniature IR receiver IC form the TSOP18xx series. This particular model TSOP1838 will respond to 38kHz IR signals from remote control devices. It is normally used as IR receiver in remote control applications like TV, AC etc. This version is small in size and hence can be used in compact devices

2. How does TSOP 1838 sensor work?

  • The (+) and the (-) are the supply pins of the IC and are specified to be connected across a 5V typical supply level, to be precise any voltage between 3 and 6V may be applied here, although 5V works the best. The curved lens which can be seen over the central portion of sensor body is where the infrared signal from a remote control handset is focused for enabling the TSOP to initiate its sensing operations.

3. Where to use TSOP 1838 sensor work?

  • The TSOP sensor has the ability to read the output signals from home remotes like TV remote, Home theatre remote, AC remote etc.. All these remotes will work with a frequency of 38kHz and this IC can pick up any IR signals process them and provide the output on pin 3. So if you are looking for a sensor to analyze, re-create or duplicate the functions of a remote then this IC will be the perfect choice for you.