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TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module

TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module-Robocraze
TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module-Robocraze
TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module-Robocraze
  • TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module-Robocraze
  • TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module-Robocraze
  • TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module-Robocraze

TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module

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  • Using infrared reflective sensor TCRT5000.
  • Detection of reflection distance: 1 mm to 25 mm.
  • The comparator output signal clean, good waveform, driving ability, more than 15mA.
  • With a multi-turn precision potentiometer adjustable sensitivity adjustment.
  • The working voltage of 3.3V - 5V.

TCRT 5000 IR Sensor Module

The TCRT5000 IR reflective sensor Module uses TCRT5000 IR Sensor to detect color and distance. This sensor module consists of an IR transmitter & an IR receiver. IR Transmitter continuously emits an IR signal which is then reflected by an obstacle and is then detected by the IR receiver. TCRT5000 Infrared Reflective Sensor Module is often used in line following robots, object sorting Robot because this module can sense if a surface is white or black.

The measuring distance range from 1mm to 8mm, and the central point is about 2.5mm. There is also an onboard potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity. The infrared diode will be emitting the infrared continually when the module is powered ON when the emitted infrared light has not been reflected or the strength is not big enough, the receiver diode will be in the off state, and the output pin i.e. DO will be LOW.


  • Position sensor for shaft encoder
  • Detection of reflective material such as paper, IBM cards, magnetic tapes etc.
  • Limit switch for mechanical motions in VCR

Package Includes:

  • 1 x TCRT 5000 IR Sensor Module


Module Model TCRT5000
Working Voltage 3.5-5V (DC)
Output Channel 0/1
Detect Distance 1-25mm
Focal Distance 2.5mm
PCB Size 32 x 14mm
Chipset LM393
Weight  15 grams



1. What is an IR Sensor and why is it not visible?

  • An infrared (IR) sensor is an electronic device that measures and detects infrared radiation in its surrounding environment. Infrared radiation was accidentally discovered by an astronomer named William Herchel in 1800. While measuring the temperature of each color of light (separated by a prism), he noticed that the temperature just beyond the red light was highest. IR is invisible to the human eye, as its wavelength is longer than that of visible light. Anything that emits heat gives off infrared radiation

2. What are the types of IR sensor and their difference?

  • There are two types of infrared sensors: active and passive.
    Active infrared sensors both emit and detect infrared radiation.
    Passive infrared (PIR) sensors only detect infrared radiation and do not emit.