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SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway(SX1302) - EU868

SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway(SX1302) - EU868

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  • Connectivity Beyond Borders: SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN Gateway seamlessly connects to different network servers, supporting global LoRaWAN frequency plans.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for smart buildings, environmental monitoring systems, precision farming, and more, providing wide-range coverage and strong signal output.
  • Multiple Server Compatibility: Works with popular LNS like AWS, TTN, ChirpStack, etc., ensuring flexibility in network deployment.
  • Easy Setup and Configuration: Built-in SenseCAP Local Console allows simple device configuration via Web UI through Wi-Fi AP and Ethernet, supporting Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
  • Long-Range Capabilities: With up to 10km of LoRaWAN coverage and robust signal transmission, it excels in data transmission over extended distances.
  • Professional Management Tools: Effortless gateway setup with SenseCAP Portal and SenseCAP Local Console for efficient monitoring and management.
  • Durable Design: Crafted with MT7628 and Semtech SX1302, offering excellent and stable performance for reliable IoT connectivity.

SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway(SX1302) - EU868

The SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN® Gateway from Seeed Studio is the ultimate solution for seamless IoT connectivity. Designed to support global LoRaWAN® frequency plans, this gateway ensures compatibility across diverse applications.

With built-in network server support, easy configuration, and Power-over-Ethernet capability, it guarantees operational excellence. The gateway provides extensive coverage, strong signal output, and professional management tools for a reliable and efficient LoRaWAN network.

The SenseCAP M2 Gateway boasts a mature hardware solution powered by MT7628 and Semtech SX1302 baseband Long Range chip. It supports Cellular (optional), Wi-Fi, and Ethernet internet connections, offering versatile connectivity options.

The gateway's dimensions, 143.6x135x34mm (connector not included) and 150.6x135x34mm (connector included), ensure a compact and efficient device. Ideal for applications like smart agriculture, smart buildings, and environmental monitoring systems, this gateway is a vital component for creating LoRaWAN network solutions.

Its ease of setup, wide coverage, and compatibility with various network servers make it a must-have for IoT enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Note : 

  • The SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN® Gateway doesn't support the Helium network. It can not be connected with SenseCAP Hotspot APP and SenseCAP Dashboard.
  • Please contact the SenseCAP MX Team on the Official SenseCAP MX Community Discord Channel for tech support.


  • Support Multiple LoRaWAN® Network Servers: Compatible with multiple LNS like AWS, TTN, ChirpStack, etc. via using the Packet Forwarder / Basics™ Station mode.
  • Built-in LoRaWAN Network Server: Based on Chirpstack, provides a fast and reliable solution for launching a LoRaWAN network.
  • Built-in SenseCAP Local Console for Configuration: Provides a simple setup experience to configure the device on Web UI through Wi-Fi AP and Ethernet.
  • Support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE): For users who need to power the gateway on Ethernet instead of an extra power supply cable, the PoE feature is also added to this device, making your deployment more reliable and faster.
  • Wide-range Coverage and Strong Signal: Provides up to 10km of LoRaWAN® coverage and strong signal, allowing users to send data with extremely long ranges at low data rates.
  • Excellent and Stable Performance: The gateway is powered by the mature hardware solution MT7628 and Semtech SX1302 baseband Long Range chip. It supports Cellular(optional)、Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connection.
  • Professional Management Tools and Cloud Services: Users could easily set up the gateway in a few simple steps via Web Interface. SenseCAP Portal and SenseCAP Local Console are also developed for users to monitor and manage the gateway efficiently and easily.


  • Smart Agriculture,
  • Smart Buildings,
  • Environmental Monitoring,
  • Asset Tracking,
  • Utility Management,
  • Smart Cities,
  • Industrial IoT,
  • Remote Monitoring,
  • Security,
  • Healthcare.

SenseCAP M2 Data Only LoRaWAN Gateway Unboxing and Onboarding

Package Includes:

  • 1 x SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway(SX1302) - EU868





DDR2 128MB



Long Range Gateway Chip




LoRaWAN® Protocol

V1.0.3 Class A/Class B/Class C

Frequency Plan


Long Range Sensitivity

-125dBm @125KHz/SF7

-139dBm @125KHz/SF12

Long Range TX Power

Up to 26 dBm


Long Range: 3dBi External Antenna with Base

Wi-Fi: Internal Antenna

Antenna Impedance

50 Ohm


Support 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n


1xRJ45 (10M / 100 M), PoE PD support


Another version is optional, coming soon

Input Voltage 

DC 12V - 2A

PoE (IEEE 802.3 af), 40V-57V DC


Ethernet RJ45 * 1

RP-SMA Female Antenna Connector * 1

Micro SD Card Slot (Future use)  * 1

USB Type-C (Console) * 1

Management Software



143.6x135x34mm (connector not included)

150.6x135x34mm (connector included)

Package: 340*230*65mm

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 55°C

Relative Humidity

0% - 85% (non-condensing)

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1. What is LoRaWAN indoor gateway?

LoRaWAN is a proprietary LPWAN protocol a special wireless communication technology for IoT or the Internet of Things. It's known for using very little power, sending data across long distances, and being good at resisting interference. It's great for connecting devices in IoT applications. The LoRa Alliance, a group of companies, looks after it, making sure everyone follows the same rules and standards.

2. What is the difference between LoRaWAN gateway indoor and outdoor?

The main difference between indoor and outdoor LoRaWAN gateways is their ability to withstand weather conditions. Because they aren't designed to withstand the outdoors, indoor gateways can't keep water out, which can cause harm. However, outdoor gateways can be used outdoors even in inclement weather because they are durable, waterproof, and frequently certified to withstand dust and water.

3. How does LoRaWAN gateway work?

LoRaWAN gateways receive LoRa signals from end-devices, decoding the data, and sending it to a central server through a backhaul connection. The server handles tasks like data routing, decryption, and responding to devices. Gateways ensure network coverage and scalability by strategically deploying multiple units. They are centrally managed for maintenance and monitoring, enabling long-range, low-power communication for IoT applications.

4. Can I use LoRaWAN without Internet?

Yes, it's possible to use LoRaWAN without internet. You can achieve this by obtaining LoRa devices, setting up gateways, and connecting them to a network server. Once configured, these devices and servers can transmit and receive data within their coverage area independently of the internet.

5. Does LoRaWAN need SIM card?

No, LoRaWAN does not need a SIM card. It operates on specific frequency bands without relying on cellular networks. All you need is a LoRaWAN radio and a unique ID to access LoRaWAN networks.