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L293D Motor Driver Board

L293D Motor Driver Board

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  • This is L293D Motor Driver Board
  • This has Male berg-strip connectors for supply
  • This has Screw terminal connectors for easy motor connection
  • The Wide supply voltage: 4.5 V to 12 V
  • The Max supply current: 600 mA per motor
  • High noise immunity inputs

L293D Motor Driver Board

The L293D Motor Driver Module is a medium-power motor driver that is ideal for driving DC and stepper motors. It employs the well-known L293 motor driver IC. The l293d motor driver board can turn on and off four DC motors or control two DC motors with directional and speed control. The driver greatly simplifies and improves the ease with which microcontrollers can control motors, relays, and other devices. It has a total DC current of up to 600mA and can drive motors up to 12V. 

To double the maximum current, connect the two channels in parallel, or in series to double the maximum input voltage. This motor driver is ideal for robotics and mechatronics projects that require controlling motors from microcontrollers, switches, relays, and other devices. Ideal for driving DC and Stepper motors in micro-mouse, line-following robots, robot arms, and other applications.

If you want to control the motor with this motor driver, for that you will need a few essential components like


  • Pin compatible with L293D
  • Wide supply voltage: 4.5 V to 12 V.
  • Max supply current: 600 mA per motor.
  • The driver has two holes of 3 mm dia.
  • Male burg-stick connectors for supply, ground, and input connection.
  • Screw terminal connectors for easy motor connection.
  • High noise immunity inputs.
  • Internal ESD Protection.
  • Thermal Shutdown

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x L293D Motor Driver Board


Driver Model L293D
Operating Voltage (VDC) 4.5 to 12
Peak Current 0.6A
No. Channels 1
Dimensions (mm) 48 x 34 x 14
Weight(gm) 15

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1. How does L293D driver work?

  • A motor driver is used to drive a motor. The functionality of all motor drivers is almost same. The motor drivers are made up of MOSFETs. With the help of these MOSFETs it becomes easier to control the speed of the motor and its direction (Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise). The l293d motor driver also consists of a voltage amplifier which amplifies the voltage from the Arduino and gives constant required voltage to the motor.

2. Why is L293D used?

  • In DIY robots the motors require high voltage to run. This requirement cannot be fulfilled by Arduino’s power pins. So, to fulfil this requirement we use L293D motor driver module. The L293d driver module provides sufficient amount of voltage to the motors so that they run smoothly. The l293d driver also helps in controlling the movement of the Robotic car. We can easily control the wheel movements using the L293d module. Motor drivers are mostly used in mechanical projects, CNC Machines, Conveyer Belts, Robotic cars, home automation projects, 3D printers etc. 

3. What is L293D motor driver module?

  • L293D motor driver is a small sized module that is used to control the rotation of the motor. The L293d motor driver kit is very crucial part of any Robotic car. This l293d driver module has the ability to control 4 motors at a time. With just 600mA DC Current it can drive the motor up to 12V. 

4. What is motor driver?

  • Motor drivers are used for running the motors. Motor drivers use H-bridge circuit to control the motors. The Motor drivers control the speed and direction of the motor. It converts the low current signal to high current signal.  These motor drivers are basically used in DIY Robotic cars, Smart doors, 3D printers, CNC machines etc. 

5.How do you power a L293D motor driver?

  • The L293D motor driver IC has two power input pins: VS and VSS. The VS (Vcc2) pin supplies power to the IC's internal H-Bridge, which drives the motors. This pin can accept input voltages ranging from 4.5 to 36V. The internal logic circuitry is driven by VSS (Vcc1), which should be 5V.