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F450 Quadcopter Frame

F450 Quadcopter Frame

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  • This is F450 Quadcopter Frame
  • High-Quality Build: Crafted from quality glass fiber and polyamide nylon for exceptional durability.
  • Integrated PCB Connections: Allows for direct soldering of ESCs, making assembly hassle-free.
  • Sturdy Design: Reinforced molded arms prevent arm breakage during hard landings.
  • Easy Camera Mounting: Large mounting tabs on the main frame bottom plate for simple camera setup.
  • Flexibility in Component Mounting: Accommodates various components like flight controllers and batteries.
  • Effortless Assembly: Pre-threaded brass sleeves eliminate the need for locknuts, ensuring easy setup.

F450 Quadcopter Frame

Are you an avid drone enthusiast looking to build your own quadcopter? Look no further than the F450 Quadcopter Frame! Crafted from premium glass fiber and polyamide nylon, this frame ensures exceptional durability and stability during flight. Its integrated PCB connections allow for easy and direct soldering of ESCs, simplifying the assembly process and making your drone build hassle-free.

Calling all drone enthusiasts and DIY hobbyists! The F450 Quadcopter Frame is your gateway to unlimited creativity. With its colored arms for easy orientation and large mounting tabs for camera mounting, this frame empowers you to experiment and capture breathtaking aerial shots. The ultra-tough polyamide nylon arms prevent breakage even during hard landings, ensuring your drone is ready for any adventure.

When it comes to your quadcopter's frame, quality matters. The F450 Quadcopter Frame is built with precision and care, providing you with a reliable platform for all your aerial missions. Its sturdy construction and pre-threaded brass sleeves for all frame bolts ensure a secure and safe flight experience. Assemble your dream drone effortlessly with this easy-to-assemble frame and take to the skies with confidence.

If you want to Build a Quadcopter for your own you can do it too. For that you need Component
1 Flight Controller (FC)
2 ESC or Electronic Speed Control
3 RC transmitter & receiver
4  Power Distribution Board 
5 Propellers
6 Battery and charger
7 Quadcopter motors

About Quadcopter frame

The frame is the quadcopter's skeleton. It is the part of the drone where various components are mounted. Depending on your requirements, there are various types of drone frames available on the market that are made of various materials such as plastic, glass fiber, PCB, or even wood. It is determined by the budget and the application for which the drone is being built. Fragile frame materials will break easily in a crash and may not be able to support heavier motors and batteries.

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Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality glass fiber and polyamide nylon.
  • Integrated PCB connections for direct ESC soldering
  • All of the frame bolts have pre-threaded brass sleeves.
  • Colored arms help keep you flying in the right direction.
  • Large mounting tabs on the bottom plate of the main frame allow for simple camera mounting.
  • Simple to assemble.

Also check F450/F550 Quadcopter High Landing Gear offered by Robocraze. The landing gear is made of ABS Plastic, providing a sturdy, flexible, and lightweight solution. It offers 200mm ground clearance, suitable for mounting equipment like gimbals or batteries. The landing gear is compatible with F450 and F550 frames.

read our blog explaining "How to make a drone using Arduino. This step-by-step blog covers everything from assembling the frame to calibrating components and preparing for flight. Discover the joy of creating a drone with Arduino.

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  • Building DIY quadcopters for aerial photography or videography
  • Experimenting with drone technology and aerodynamics
  • Educational purposes in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum
  • Research and development in robotics and autonomous systems
  • Creating custom drones for agricultural monitoring or surveillance purposes
  • Hobbyist projects for enthusiasts interested in remote-controlled flying devices

Package Includes:

  • 1 x F450 Quadcopter Frame Kit


Frame Model F450
Material  Ultra Durable Polyamide-Nylon
Width 450mm
Height 55m
Weight 270 grams
Motor Mount Bolt Holes  16/ 19mm

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1. What is the F450 frame?

F450 quadcopter frame is a 450mm quad frame built from quality materials. The mainframe is glass fiber while the arms are constructed from ultra-durable polyamide nylon. This version of the F450 features integrated PCB connections for direct soldering of your ESCs.

2. Which quadcopter frame is best?

The Q450 Quadcopter Frame is a highly flexible frame for mounting various components like flight controller, battery, etc. The much lighter weight, higher strength Aerodynamic structure of this Q450 frame featuring PA66 arms with glass fiber integrated frame makes it the first choice of our customer.

3. How much weight can an f450 drone carry?

The F450 drone is big enough to produce around 700kg of lift, If you can keep the drone weight including batteries or fuel source to under 100kg. For every 5kg over 100kg, add 10kg of lift to the requirement.

4. What are the features of the F450 quadcopter frame?

The arms of the frame are available in 2 red and 2 white colors which can guide you to fly in the right direction. They are strong, light, and have a sensible configuration including a PCB(Printed Circuit Board) with which you can directly solder your ESCs to the Quadcopter. So, making the Quadcopter build fast and easy. So, it avoids the use of extra PDB(Power Distribution Board) and makes the mounting clean and neat. 

5. What is drone frame?

A drone frame is made up of two major components: the body and the arms. The body houses and protects your electronic components such as the flight controller, 4in1 ESC, FPV camera, VTX, and so on. It usually consists of a bottom plate, a top plate, and some standoffs to hold them together.