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3.7V Coreless Motor With Propeller (7x16)

3.7V Coreless Motor With Propeller (7x16)

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  • High-Speed Performance: The 3.7V Magnetic Micro Coreless Motor reaches an impressive 48000 RPM, ensuring powerful lift for your drone.
  • Low Noise Operation: Experience quieter flights with this motor that operates with minimal noise, enhancing your overall drone experience.
  • Durable Propeller Design: The 55mm propeller, made of high-tenacity material, reduces wind resistance and withstands crashes for uninterrupted flights.
  • Efficient Coreless Technology: This motor operates with low torque but excels in high-speed performance, perfect for small drone projects.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various projects, including airplanes, quadcopters, and helicopters, offering flexibility for hobbyists and enthusiasts.
  • Plug-n-Play Setup: The combination of the coreless motor and smooth-surface propeller creates an easy-to-use, plug-n-play setup for hassle-free integration.
  • 1S Battery Support: Designed to support 1S battery, providing efficient power to drive your micro quadcopter.

3.7V Coreless Motor With Propeller (7x16)

Enhance your drone hobby with the Projectneed 3.7V 48000 RPM Magnetic Micro Coreless Motor with Propeller. Perfect for beginners and hobbyists, this motor offers high-speed performance, low noise operation, and a durable propeller design.

Made with efficient coreless technology, it's suitable for various projects, ensuring versatility in your drone endeavors. The 1S battery support and plug-n-play setup make it a must-have for drone enthusiasts. Elevate your multirotor designs with this reliable and affordable motor. Project needs ensures quality and durability.

The coreless motor's efficient design, combined with the durable propeller, provides a unique solution for small drone projects. Ideal for those seeking high-speed performance and versatility.


  • Coreless motor is a high-speed and low-torque motor.
  • Operates with less noise.
  • Offers low resistance.
  • Equipped with high-quality magnets.
  • This coreless motor supports 1S battery.


  • Small Drones: Due to its high-speed performance and lightweight design, this motor is ideal for building small quadcopters or other multirotor drones.
  • Model Airplanes: It can power lightweight model airplanes, providing the necessary thrust for flight.
  • Radio-Controlled (RC) Projects: This motor and propeller combination can be used in various RC vehicles or craft that require lightweight propulsion.
  • Hobbyist Projects and Experiments: The easy setup and affordable price make it a great option for hobbyists exploring electronics and small-scale flight projects.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 3.7V Coreless Motor With Propeller (7x16)


Rated RPM 48000
Maximum RPM 50000
Rated Voltage (V) 3.7
Current (A) 0.1
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 to 50
Shaft Diameter x Length (mm) 0.8 x 5
Motor Color Silver
Motor Diameter (mm) 7
Motor Length (mm) 16
Motor Material Metal
Propeller Length (mm) 55
Propeller Material Plastic
Cable Length 5 CM

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1. What is coreless motor?

A coreless motor distinguishes itself as a DC motor devoid of an iron core in its rotor. Instead, the rotor windings adopt a skewed or honeycomb configuration, creating a self-supporting hollow cylinder or basket. The stator, crafted from rare earth magnets, resides within this coreless rotor. This motor type brings numerous advantages, including reduced mass and inertia, heightened efficiency, and diminished sparking compared to traditional iron-core DC motors. 

2. Are coreless motors good?

Coreless motors excel with high efficiency (up to 85%), swift acceleration, compact design for portability, low electrical noise, and extended battery life. Drawbacks include the need for external cooling, increased maintenance due to potential overheating, and a higher cost than cored motors.

3. What is the difference between coreless motor and normal motor? ( make a table)

Here is a table comparing coreless motors and normal motors:

FeatureCoreless MotorNormal Motor
DesignDoes not contain an iron core in the rotorContains an iron core in the rotor
WeightLighter weight due to lack of iron coreHeavier weight due to iron core
InertiaLower moment of inertia, making them suitable for rapid acceleration and decelerationHigher moment of inertia, making them less suitable for rapid acceleration and deceleration
EfficiencyHighly efficient due to low inductance in their windingsLess efficient due to iron losses
Noise and VibrationOperates quietly and smoothly due to lack of coggingCan generate noise and vibration due to cogging
TorqueGenerally has lower torqueCan have higher torque
ApplicationsSuitable for high-dynamics, accuracy, and efficiency applications such as medical devices, robotics, and surveying instrumentsSuitable for demanding applications such as electric cars, lifts, and pumps, as well as smaller applications such as electric toothbrushes and toys

4. How fast does the 3.7V Coreless Motor operate?

The motor reaches an impressive 48000 RPM, ensuring powerful lift for your drone, making it ideal for high-speed applications.

5. Does it come with a durable propeller?

Yes, the motor includes a 55mm propeller made of high-tenacity material, reducing wind resistance and withstanding crashes for uninterrupted flights.