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24V 10A SMPS Power Supply

24V 10A SMPS Power Supply

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  • This is a 24 Volt 10 Ampere Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • This Switch mode power supply features over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, and surge-protected output. 
  • The design comes with a built-in EMI filter, to improve signal precision. 
  • It has a high efficiency, reliability & low energy consumption 
  • The led power supply comes with a metal body for hidden installation for led lighting
  • This SMPS is compact in size and lightweight.

24V 10A SMPS Power Supply

This is the switched-mode power supply (SMPS) which converts 100 - 264V AC to 24V DC. It can provide up to 10A maximum current. All types of protections such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, and surge-protected output are provided in the supply.

These SMPS are achieved high efficiency and robust to use; By using these latest SMPS, you can reduce your electricity bill. This SMPS will provide you with a constant output of 24V 10A means we can drive applications that have a maximum current rating up to 10A. It includes any type of motor with different RPM, thermoelectric Peltier, etc. It has passed the CE & RoHS certification. This power supply is built with high-quality and high-performance materials. This SMPS power supply has a led power supply with a metal body for hidden installation for led lighting


  • Can be used to give power supply in lighting devices
  • Can be uses to give power supply in Vehicle's devices
  • Can be used to make battery charger
  • Can be used in security system devices
  • Can be used in machine tool industries.
  • Can be used in Power Stations
  • Can be used in Automobile Sector
  • Electric Equipment

Package includes:

  • 1 x 24V 10A SMPS Power Supply


Input Voltage

AC 100 - 264V 50 / 60Hz 

Output Voltage

24V DC, 10A, Adjustment Range: ±10%


Overload / Over Voltage / Short Circuit 

Output Type 


Shell Material

Metal Case / Aluminum Base 



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1.What is 24 volt used for?

  • 24V is a common voltage level that is used in a variety of applications. Some common uses for 24V include the following:
    • Industrial equipment: Many types of industrial equipment, such as motors, conveyor belts, and control systems, use 24V as their operating voltage.
    • Transportation: Many vehicles, including buses, trains, and electric cars, use 24V electrical systems to power their systems and components.
    • Commercial and residential lighting: Some types of commercial and residential lighting systems, such as landscape lighting and low-voltage lighting, use 24V as their operating voltage.
    • Security and surveillance systems: Many security and surveillance systems, such as cameras and alarms, use 24V power supplies to operate.
    • Medical equipment: Some types of medical equipment, such as patient monitors and defibrillators, use 24V as their operating voltage.

2.Can you get 24V from 12V power supply?

  • It is generally not possible to directly get a 24V output from a 12V power supply. Most power supplies are designed to provide a fixed output voltage, and it is not possible to increase the voltage simply by connecting the power supply to a load. However, there are a few ways you can potentially use a 12V power supply to provide a 24V output:
    • Use a voltage booster: Some voltage booster circuits are able to increase the output voltage of a power supply by using a switching circuit to boost the voltage. However, these circuits can be complex and may not be suitable for all applications.
    • Use a voltage divider: If you need to provide a 24V output to a device that can operate at a range of voltages, you may be able to use a voltage divider circuit to reduce the voltage to a safe level. However, this will also reduce the current available to the device, which may affect its performance.
    • Use multiple power supplies: If you need to provide a high-voltage output, you can use multiple power supplies in parallel to increase the output voltage. For example, two 12V power supplies connected in parallel will provide a 24V output. However, this approach can be complex and may not be suitable for all applications.

3.What is a 24 V power supply?

  • A 24V power supply is a device that is designed to provide a stable, regulated voltage of 24 volts DC (direct current). 24V power supplies are commonly used to power a wide range of electronic devices, such as industrial equipment, transportation systems, commercial and residential lighting, security and surveillance systems, and medical equipment. 24V power supplies can take various forms, including wall-mounted transformers, battery packs, and USB power banks. They can be used to power devices that operate on a voltage of 24V DC, or they can be used to provide a stable voltage source for other devices that require a different operating voltage.