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Arduino MEGA Prototype Shield V3

Arduino MEGA Prototype Shield V3

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  • This is MEGA Prototype Shield V3 for Arduino
  • This prototype shield V3 is best suitable for Mega Board compatible with Arduino.
  • The MEGA prototype shield with miniature breadboard supports soldering components directly on this shield.
  • This shield features a Reset button up top.
  • Mainboard aureate quadrate.
  • This shield comes with SOP28 SMT components encapsulation.

MEGA Prototype Shield V3 

The Arduino-compatible MEGA Prototype Shield V3.0 comes equipped with a breadboard, allowing you to easily construct circuits. The Arduino shield features a gold PCB sink process and a compact mainboard with small golden square pad spacing, making it convenient to solder components onto.

With the Prototyping Shield, designing custom circuits is a breeze. You can either solder components to create a prototyping area for your project or utilize a small breadboard for testing circuit ideas without the need for solder. Additionally, it offers extra connections for all I/O pins and ample space to mount through-hole and surface mount integrated circuits. This makes it a convenient solution for building custom circuits and modules.

The Prototype shield, when paired with a miniature breadboard, measures 2.7 inches in length and 2.1 inches in width. It also includes three screw holes for attaching it to a surface or case. Do note that the distance between digital pins 7 and 8 is 160 mil (12:16”), which is not an even multiple of the 100-mile distance from the other pins.

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x MEGA Prototype Shield V3.0 with breadboard
  • 1 x Mini Breadboard

MEGA Prototype Shield V3.0 Specifications

Shield  Prototype Shield V 3.0
Best for  Mega Board compatible with Arduino 
STAT Indicator  Yes 
Dimensions   8 x 5 x 4cms 
Weight  50 grams 
Breadboard Size  2.7 inches x 2.1 inches

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1. What is the mega prototype shield?

The Mega Prototype Shield is an augmentation device tailored to the Arduino Mega microcontroller. It facilitates a convenient approach to designing and examining electronic circuits without the need for intricate breadboards or the irksome act of soldering.

The Mega Prototype Shield is furnished with a commodious prototyping space, punctuated with pre-set holes and pads that allow easy interconnection of electronic components and circuits. Moreover, it encompasses a power bus, competent in the distribution of power to the different segments of the circuit.

Apart from the prototyping area, the Mega Prototype Shield also encompasses a litany of other features, comprising a reset button, luminary LEDs, and an assortment of header pins that allow connections to other peripherals or shields.

2. what are the benefits of using a prototype shield with an Arduino Mega?

Using a prototype shield with an Arduino Mega can simplify the process of prototyping and testing circuit ideas. The shield provides a prototyping area for creating custom circuits, and it has extra connections for all of the Arduino Mega pins, allowing for easy access to all of the IO pins. The shield also brings power from the Arduino standard 5V and GND pins to the two power bus rows placed between the Through Hole package footprint, which can be used for powering the DIP sockets or for power and ground rows.