16x2 LCD Module (Green)
16x2 LCD Module (Green)
16x2 LCD Module (Green)
16x2 LCD Module (Green)
  • 16x2 LCD Module (Green)
  • 16x2 LCD Module (Green)
  • 16x2 LCD Module (Green)
  • 16x2 LCD Module (Green)

16x2 LCD Module (Green)

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• It Supports low power operation from 2.7V to 5.5V.
• Wide range of liquid crystal display driver power from 3.0V to 11V.
• Liquid crystal drive waveform:  A (One line frequency AC waveform)
• Correspond to high speed MPU bus interface: 2 MHz (when VCC = 5V)
• 4-bit or 8-bit MPU interface enabled
• 80 × 8-bit display RAM (80 characters max.)
• 9,920-bit character generator ROM for a total of 240 character fonts: 208 character fonts (5 × 8 dot) and 32 character fonts (5 × 10 dot)

16x2 LCD Module (Green)

The 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD Display Module is equally popular among hobbyists and professionals for its affordable price and easy to use nature. As the name suggests the 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD can show 16 Columns and 2 Rows therefore a total of (16x2) 32 characters can be displayed. Each character can either be an alphabet or number or even a custom character. 

Since all the functions such as display RAM, character generator, and liquid crystal driver, required for driving a dot-matrix liquid crystal display are internally provided on one chip, a minimal system can be interfaced with this controller/driver.

This LCD display can be easily interfaced to a microcontroller in either 8-bit mode or 4-bit mode depending on the number of micro-controller pins you have to spare. The LCD only displays a text output however this is a user interface for displaying information about battery power or distance to an object.


  • Thermometer 
  • IoT Projects
  • Real-time clock
  • Humidity Sensor

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 16x2 Green LCD Module

    Green LCD Module Specifications

    Display Format 16 x 2 dots
    Controller ST7920 or equivalent controller
    Interface 8-bit parallel interface or serial SPI modes
    Power Supply Voltage 5V
    Operation temperature -20°C to +70°C
    Package Dimensions  5 x 4 x 2 cm
    Package Weight  50 grams