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Original JHD 16x2 LCD Display- Green

Original JHD 16x2 LCD Display- Green

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  • The Model no. of this 16×2 Character LCD Display is JHD659 B/W.
  • It is based on the SPLC780D display controller which makes it is easy to interface this LCD most micro-controllers.
  • Works of 5v and has a Green backlight which can be switched on and off as desired.
  • The size of Characters is 2.95×4.35 mm.
  • Works with almost any Microcontroller like Arduino Uno, Node Mcu, ESP32 etc.
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Original JHD 16x2 LCD Display- Green

This is a popular and original JHD 16×2 LCD Display with Green backlight . It is based on the SPLC780D display controller which makes it is easy to interface with this 16×2 LCD with most micro-controllers. Its extreme popularity ensures that no matter which microcontroller platform you are using, you will definitely find ready libraries to use this 16×2 LCD Display

A display is required if you want to add visual output to your Arduino projects. If you only need a small amount of information displayed, the 16×2 LCD is a good choice.

Alphanumeric displays commonly called LCD Displays are pretty easy to use. Use them for numbers, use them for letters, or both. These LCD displays are a good size and bright for easy reading. The decimal digits aren't connected, so keep that in mind when ordering.
16×2 LCD Display works on 5v and has a green backlight which can be switched on and off as desired.


  • 16 characters wide, 2 rows
  • Black text on the Green background
  • Single LED backlight included can be dimmed easily with a resistor or PWM.


  • Thermometer 
  • IoT Projects
  • Real time clock
  • Humidity Sensor


  • 1 x Original JHD 16x2 LCD Display- Green



JHD659 B/W


16×2 character



Viewing Area (VA)








Backlight Colour


Input Voltage




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1. What is the JHD 16x2 I2C Character LCD display? 

  • This is a popular 16×2 LCD Display Green LED Backlight display. It is based on the SPLC780D display controller which makes it easy to interface with this LCD with most micro-controllers. Because of its widespread use, no matter which microcontroller platform you use, you'll be able to find ready-to-use libraries for this LCD. 

2. What does 16x2 in LCD Module indicate? 

  • A 16x2 LCD can display 16 characters per line on each of its 2 lines. The 32 different characters and symbols can be displayed on the 16 x 2 intelligent alphanumeric dot matrix display. Command and Data are the two registers on this LCD. 

3. Which characters on the 16×2 CHARACTER LCD can be displayed? 

  • The name 'Character LCD' comes from the fact that these LCDs are ideal for displaying only text/characters. The display has an LED backlight and can display 32 ASCII characters in 2 rows, with each row displaying 16 characters. 

4. How to connect 16x2 character lcd to Arduino Uno? 

  • In a 16×2 character LCD display, there are 16 pins. First two pins VSS and VDD are for providing power to the display. Connect these pins to the GND and 5V supply pins in the Arduino Uno. 3rd pin of the LCD is named as Vo which is used for adjusting display contrast. We can use a 10KΩ preset for that, connect variable end to Vo and fixed ends to VSS and VDD. 4th pin RS is the Register Select pin which is used to multiplex the data and command information send to the LCD module. Data information is the ASCII value of the information to be displayed on the LCD and the command information will contain instructions such as the position in which the data is to be displayed etc. These two information will be multiplexed using pin RS and will send through DB0 – DB7 pins of LCD. If RS is high, then DB0 – DB7 will contain data information and when it is LOW then these lines will contain command information. 5th pin R/W is Read or Write pin which will determine whether the data is to be written or it is to be read from the LCD display. HIGH value of this pin will indicate the data is read from the display and LOW value indicates writing information to the display. Normally we need only writing values to the display, so we usually tie RW to GND. 6th pin E is the Enable pin of LCD. High value on E will indicate valid information on DB0 – DB7 pins. We can power the LCD’s back-light LED using last two pins.

5. Why is my 16×2 CHARACTER LCD DISPLAY not displaying? 

  • It's possible that there's a short circuit between adjacent data lines, or that some of the data lines aren't properly connected. Check for short circuits between adjacent tracks leading to the LCD display.