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10Kg Load Cell

10Kg Load Cell

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  • This is 10KG load cell
  • This load cell is widely used in hopper scales, platform scales, platform balance, belt scales, and other electronic weighing devices.
  • This straight bar load cell (also known as a strain gauge) can convert up to 10 kg of force (pressure) into an electrical signal
  • This is Alloy Steel wired weighing load cell, with high accuracy, simple structure, and simple installation.
  • You can use multiple load sensors simultaneously to increase the capacity range, Parallel use to add additional capacity.

10Kg Load Cell

A 10 kg load cell is a load cell that is designed to measure forces or weights up to 10 kg (22 lbs). Each load cell can measure the electrical resistance, which changes in response to and is proportional to the strain (e.g., pressure or force) applied to the bar. You can use this gauge to determine how heavy an object is, if the weight of an object changes over time, or if you simply need to detect the presence of an object by measuring strain or load applied to a surface. This straight bar load cell is made of Aluminium alloy and can read a weight capacity of 10KG. It has four lead wires for connecting to the HX711 A/D Pressure Sensor. It is simple to use with a driving voltage of 5-10V and produces output voltage as force changes over it. Installation of the Sensor is also a simple task; it is necessary to fix one end through the screw hole and leave the other end floating in order to indicate the direction of the gravitational force exerted. Special care must be taken not to directly push the white plastic cover part of the sensor in order to avoid damage.

A load cell is used in an electronic weighing machine to measure the load or pressure produced by the load; most load cells use the strain gauge method, which converts the pressure (force) into an electrical signal; these load cells have four strain gauges connected in a Wheatstone bridge formation. When we apply a load, the strain gauge resistance changes, and thus the output voltage from the load cell changes, allowing us to measure the load value.

If you want to use this load cell you need few essential elements like hx711Arduino , jumper wires , display module and soldering tools . There are other types of load cell also available , according to your requirement


  • Electronic platform scale
  • Digital scale
  • Parcel post scale
  • Electronic balance

Also check 3 Kg Load Cell with the model name YZC-133. It is designed for use in electronic scales, price computing scales, electronic platform scales, digital scales, parcel post scales, electronic balances, and various commercial scales that require a single load cell.

Package Includes:

  •  1 x 10Kg Load Cell


Material Aluminium
Weighing Range (Kg) 0 ~ 10
Insulation resistance(MO<50V>) 5000
Operating temperature range(°C) -35~+80
Safe overload(%RO) 150
Dimensions  80 x 13 x 13 mm 
Weight  19 grams

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1. What is a load cell?

  • A load cell is a transducer that is used to create an electrical signal that is proportional to the force being measured. The various types of load cells include hydraulic load cells, pneumatic load cells, and strain gauge load cells.

2. What is the output of the load cell?

  • This standard load cell is for measuring weight up to 10 Kg. The load cell's output is in millivolts and cannot be measured directly by a microcontroller. To make the load cell output readable to a microcontroller, an ADC with high resolution or an instrumentation amplifier is required.

3. How does a load cell measure load?

  • Load cells are a type of load cell where a strain gauge assembly is positioned inside the load cell housing to convert the load acting on them into electrical signals. The weight of the load cell is measured by the voltage fluctuation caused by deformation of the strain gauge.

4. What is the load cell working principle?

  • This standard load cell can measures weight upto 10 Kg. The load cell's output is in millivolts and cannot be measured directly by a microcontroller. A load cell is a type of transducer that measures force and transmits it as an electrical signal. To make the load cell output readable to a microcontroller, an ADC with high resolution or an instrumentation amplifier is required.