Where to Buy Drones in India

Where to Buy Drones in India


Looking to take flight in the exciting world of drones in India? Our blog, "Where to Buy Drones in India," has you covered! Discover how to navigate the Indian drone market, find out why DJI drones are elusive, and learn about pricing. We'll reveal the best sources for drone shopping in India and even share insights on where to buy drones in Bangalore. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pilot, this blog provides all the answers you need. Get ready to soar with your very own drone! Don't miss out—check out our comprehensive guide today.

How to buy drones in India?




Buying a drone in India is an exciting experience. It can open up the possibility of capturing stunning aerial shots and videos, as well as provide you with useful data collection capabilities for businesses. But to make sure that you get your money’s worth when purchasing one, some important factors need to be considered first.


To start off, decide on what type of drones will suit your needs best– budget or high-end models. Budget drones offer basic features like flight stabilization and altitude hold while more expensive ones come equipped with better cameras, GPS navigation units, longer battery life etc., depending on their purpose and usage requirements. Once you have chosen the right model for yourself in the future consider researching online about reputable vendors who sell good quality products at reasonable prices from reputed brands.


Last but not least upon finalizing selected related information sure to read the manufacturer instructions carefully further even take some time to customise purchased item settings due to device complexity optimizing user expectations in tomorrow's flights above all else stay safe and happy flying!!!

Where to buy drones in india?




Drones are becoming more and more popular in India. Finding the right place to buy a drone can be difficult, but there's no need to worry! At Robocraze, we have everything you're looking for when it comes to buying drones in India. We offer a wide selection of high-quality models from leading brands at excellent prices.


Whether you want an entry-level device or something with all the bells and whistles - our experienced team is here to help guide you along your purchase journey so that you make exactly the right choice for your interests and budget. Shop online today from one of India's most trusted sources for drones: Robocraze!


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Why dji drones not available in india?

DJI faces unique challenges in launching its drones in India.

India is a particularly challenging market for the aviation industry due to its complex regulatory environment. Drone manufacturers like DJI are faced with a number of barriers, including:

Registration requirements: DJI's drones require registration in India if they have an airspeed above 15 kilometres per hour. This goes against Indian government regulations that prohibit any type of unmanned aircraft from flying at higher speeds than this.

BIS certification and Aircraft Act 1934 permissions: DJI's models falling within this speed limit range (Mavic series) would need to be BIS certified and obtain permissions required under the Aircraft Act 1934 before being legally used in India. DJI has decided not to pursue either step, leading many to question whether there was some political pressure involved.

Usage restrictions: The Ministry of Civil Aviation and DGCA Guidelines impose severe restrictions on the use of drones in India. These guidelines restrict flights over populated areas like national parks or military bases, making operations difficult and costly for potential users.

Discussions are underway between the Drone Major's Association (DRMA) and the Directorates regarding possible relaxations of these regulations, but no final decisions have been taken. Until then, it is very difficult to gain approvals to operate UAVs commercially in India.


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How much do drones cost?

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in India, and for good reason. They provide a great way to capture images from angles that would otherwise be impossible, as well as provide an incredible level of convenience due to their portability and ease of use. But how much do drones cost in India? The answer is it depends on what type you buy! For basic models with simpler cameras, the prices start at around Rs 20-30k for entry-level ones going up to 50-60K+ for professional grade options depending upon your budget. With such diverse price ranges, there is definitely something available that will fit any need or desired purpose within India making them accessible no matter what your financial situation may be!


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From where to buy drone in india?

Are you looking to buy a drone in India? Robocraze is the perfect solution for you! We offer an extensive range of drones from top-name brands at unbeatable prices. - our selection has something just right for everyone! Shop with us today and get amazing offers & discounts every time making your purchases worthwhile.

Where to buy drones in bangalore?




For those who reside in Bangalore, India then you're in luck! Robocraze offers an excellent selection of drone products to choose from. You'll find exactly what you need right here! So start your shopping today and take into consideration factors like cost efficiency, flight time, battery life etc., when selecting the best model suited to your needs.


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Navigating the world of drones in India may seem like a complex mission, but armed with the right information, it becomes an exciting journey. To answer the question of how to buy drones in India, we've explored various avenues, from local retailers to online marketplaces. While DJI drones may not be readily available, there are plenty of other reputable brands to consider. Costs can vary widely, so research and budgeting are key. If you're in Bangalore, you're in luck, as it's a hub for drone enthusiasts. So, whether you're an aerial photography enthusiast or a tech-savvy explorer, India offers a sky full of drone possibilities – happy flying! Don't miss out on the drone revolution, start your journey today!


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