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10K Thermistor Temperature Sensor Module

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  1. Using the Thermistor Temperature Sensor, good sensitivity.
  2. The comparator output signal clean waveform is good, driving ability than 15mA.
  3. Adjust the temperature distribution bit detection threshold.
  4. Working voltage 3.3V-5V.
  5. The output format: Digital switching output (0 and 1).
  6. With bolt holes for easy installation.
  7. Using a wide voltage LM393 comparator.

10K Thermistor Temperature Sensor Module

Thermistor Temperature Sensor Module is very sensitive to ambient temperature. It is generally used to detect the temperature of the surrounding environment. Through potentiometer adjustment, it is possible to change the temperature detection threshold.

DO output can be directly connected to the microcontroller to detect high and low, by detecting temperature changes in the environment.

The temperature detection range of the module is between 20 and 80 degrees Celsius. This module can be replaced with a line temperature sensor for controlling the water temperature, water tank, etc.

Generally, the 4 wire method of thermistor measurement is the most accurate because there is effectively no current flowing in either of the measurement cable wires and therefore no added resistance due to the cable wires.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 10K Thermistor Temperature Sensor Module

Thermistor Sensor Module Specifications

Working voltage  3.3V-5V
Voltage Comparator  LM393 comparator
Digital switching output 0 and 1
Temperature Detection Range  20 and 80 degrees Celsius
Dimensions  3 x 3 x 1cms
Weight  5 grams
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What does a thermistor sensor do?

Thermistors are temperature-dependent resistors, changing resistance with changes in temperature. They are very sensitive and react to very small changes in temperature. They are best used when a specific temperature needs to be maintained, and when monitoring temperatures within 50°C of ambient.

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